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What is Local & Live Media?

The Story

Starting off as a boredom lockdown project, as most great ideas do, Local & Live started out as a radio show idea on KCC Live, 99.8FM. Starting in August 2020, Meg Shaw hosted weekly shows every Monday from 6pm-8pm, aiming to share all the amazing tunes that were coming out of the Liverpool music scene, as so many incredible releases were happening, but there were no gigs or events to spread the word. Not only were the new singles aired on the radio, but artists such as Crawlers, Tilly Louise, Hushtones and Superlate (to name a few), joined in with interviews and radio games.

After getting thousands of listeners tune in each week, the next step was to host live showcases, as the world was opening back up, and the community built around Local & Live wanted to see all of these incredible artists live. From August 2021-May 2022, monthly showcases at EBGBs, The Jacaranda, Jimmy's and Liverpool Arts Bar did just that, with artists such as Amber Prothero, Evie Moran, Libby Akerman, Kingfast, and many more taking to the stage.

Another side of Local & Live saw Meg doing press at various events, notable Liverpool's SoundCity festival of 2021 and 2022, where interviews and backstage games with Pixey, Bandit, Joeys, Abbie Ozard, The Deep Blue and loads more took place. Live audio was also captured from stages for the SoundCity team.

July 2022 saw the first big change for Local & Live, where it shifted from live radio shows weekly at KCC Live, to weekly artist sessions in collaboration with Liverpool Arts Bar. These sessions included a weekly podcast, blog post, filmed live session, and fun and games with the artist, and guests such as KOF, Abi Rose Kelly, More in Luv, Motel Sundown and Danelia all joined in the fun. This spanned a whole year, with a total of 37 episodes. It was during this time where the community behind Local & Live really grew, with a waiting list of artists wanting to get involved, and listeners waiting eagerly each Sunday for the newest episode to go live.

What We Do

So... we've now hit present day! Local & Live Media has it's own website: new name, new place, same love for local music! Here you can find a music blog dedicated to the incredible up and coming scene, involving new releases and gig reviews from artists in Liverpool, the UK, and beyond! If you have new releases, or are hosting a gig, or have a cool project in the local scene, we want to hear from you!

Meg Shaw

Creator of Local & Live Media est. 2020


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