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Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Here we are again, another Friday full of new releases for us to explore. Here's a few of my top faves added to the 'Fresh Finds' playlist this week!

Joe Traxlor, Harry Dean Lewis - 'Pheromones'

'a citric sonata that's not short of surprises or zest'

📍Vienna, Austria

Austria's answer to Alt-J, Joe Traxlor and Harry Dean Lewis' 'PHEROMONES' is your new sonic awakening, released this week ahead of Joe's upcoming EP. From euphoric synths, to psychedelic guitars and rap elements, this art-pop, alt-rock hybrid track boasts everything Joe and Harry do best. Having met at 'a lemonade stand' in Vienna, they've collaborated on this 'citric sonata' as a final track to Joe's EP, and the track itself isn't short of surprises and/or added zest. The infectious groove of this track is twisted and manipulated from start to finish, as you effortlessly drown in sounds and energy. I highly recommend checking out their music video as well, which perfectly paints visually what you experience audibly. The video is also a testament to how these artists are the full package when it comes to modern-day musicians, knowing exactly their vision and aesthetics, as well as being brilliant at their craft. Released on 27th October 2023.

JEN ELLA - 'We Were Kids Back Then'

'a perfect soundtrack for your autumn'

📍London, UK/Cork, Ireland

Hailing from Cork, and now London-based, Jen Ella released indie-folk tune 'We Were The Kids Back Then' this week, and from it's immaculate production (Joss Mogli) to it's nostalgic lyrics, it's a perfect soundtrack for your autumn. Written about growing up in rural Ireland, the delicate arrangement transports you back to the simplicity of childhood, retracing memories and moments of the little things. In this track, and a lot of Jen Ella's previous releases, you can hear the sincerity and honesty behind the lyrics, all painting different pages in the artist's life. Backed with warm guitars, intimate vocal production and intricate violins, you feel safe and comforted throughout the track, wrapped in the soft blanket of childhood memories. After recognition from BBC Sounds, Indiebuddie, The Scotsman and various radio stations for her previous releases, I'm sure this new release will be up there as well, as a strong acoustic-indie contender. Released on 27th October 2023.

KOF - Outside

'a true humble legend of the local scene'

📍Liverpool, UK

Singer, rapper and producer KOF is back with yet another masterpiece, after previous tracks 'Mai God', 'Grace' and 'Something in the Water' made their mark on Local & Live Media's radar over the past few years. 'Outside' highlights KOF's abilities to the extreme, with a punchy hit of rap, neo-soul and alt-hip-hop. Despite only being just over 2 minutes in length, you're taken through ups, downs, highlights and lowlights of the artist's life, complimented beautifully with the ever-changing instrumentation and energy it's wrapped around. Starting and ending with soulful vocals, sandwiched around the rhythmically intricate delivery of the verse, you know you're in good hands with KOF. A true humble legend of the local scene, get to know KOF's discography if you don't already. Released on 23rd October 2023.

Keyside - Angeline

'soaring hooks, though-provoking lyrics, and unapologetic Scouse-ness'

📍Liverpool, UK

A perfect example of the ever-growing Mersyside indie-rock scene, Keyside are back with their latest single, entitled 'Angeline'. From the sweet-sounding riffs and anthemic choruses, to the melodic bass lines and overall gritty feel, lovers of The La's, The Smiths and sticky-gig-floors will find their new favourite track in this new single. Painting the story of a woman struggling to find ends meet, and battling raising a family with breaking old habits, Keyside have yet again hit the sweet spot of soaring hooks, thought-provoking lyrics, and unapologetic Scouse-ness. Having recently signed with Modern Sky, the backing from both the public and the industry is only growing for the band, and has allowed them to play at Isle of Wight Festival, Sound City and the Eurovision Main Stage to name a few. Released on 29th September 2023.

David Finck, Catherine Russell, Andy Snitzer - Gentle Journey

'THE contemporary soul/jazz tune you need this weekend'

📍New York, USA

The ultimate collaboration of bassist David Finck, Steely Dan's Catherine Russell, and saxophonist Andy Snitzer, 'Gentle Journey' is the contemporary soul/jazz tune you need this weekend. With help New York-based session musicians, and Manchester-based percussionist Lea Mullin (who they met when touring with George Michael), this early-October release explores the true talents of all musicians involved, darting from heartfelt horn stabs, an ever-grooving rhythm section, and soul-infused vocals throughout. Nestled within David Finck's 'A Beautiful Friendship' album, this track compliments everyone involved. This retro-style track takes you to the familiar settings of any highly-sought-out music hall, with an added breath of fresh air in the way the band all communicate and gel perfectly. Sure to put a spring in the step, and a smile on the face, of anyone listening, 'Gentle Journey' is a great addition to our 'Fresh Finds' playlist, with nods to 80s sensibilities, a lounge-style appearance, and super catchy melodies. Released on 1st October 2023.


Check out our 'Fresh Finds' playlist in full, here! And remember to keep checking back in, as this ever-growing list of brilliant tracks runs 24/7, with constant new additions for you to discover:

by Meg Shaw, Local & Live Media

Review No. 10

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