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11: This generation's call-to-action in ABI ROSE KELLY's 'STARTIN' 2 PANIC!'...

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

In a few days time, on Friday 3rd November to be precise, Abi Rose Kelly will be hitting your radar once again with another energy driven, powerful new single entitled 'STARTIN' 2 PANIC!'. After catching up with Abi on our Local & Live X Liverpool Arts Bar podcast back in April, it's clear that the artist has been non-stop building up to this release since then, so let's dive right into the chaos...


Abi Rose Kelly has always been an artist who has dared to be different, and this single emphasises that to the extremes. From the warped, media broadcast entry, to the aggressive riffs right from the get go, you're thrown into a state of rage against the state of the world - a theme that ties a number of Abi's previous tracks together. Written about the bewilderment this generation feels as they watch the world spin out of control, this just-short of 3 minute track encapsulates that vision perfectly; tearing through powerful drums, call-to-action lyrics and face-wrenching chorus lines.

'what would we get in this life if we all kill each other?'

Something that really puts this tune up there is the driving force throughout, carried by the energy in Abi's voice. The focus on the never-ending, existential bass lines in the verses, and the atmospherics rises and swirling screams of the choruses really throw your attention across the wide spectrum of intricacies in this track - a true credit to the production as a whole. Everything from the arrangement to the single artwork screams chaos and frustration, and yet despite the heaviness of the lyrical content, Abi still manages to bring out her unmistakable personality through the track.

Abi Rose Kelly and her team are a true credit to the local scene, and having seen them live a number of times and chatting to them back in April, they are truly a project worth backing. Humble, honest, and unafraid to speak the truth, Abi is the face of her generation. After supporting a significant handful of artists in and around the North-West scene, as well as recognition from BBC introducing, Gigslutz and This Feeling - the only way is up! Get behind Abi Rose Kelly, and whilst you're there, pre-save her upcoming 'STARTIN' 2 PANIC!', and countdown the days until it's unleashed into the world - this Friday 3rd November.

by Meg Shaw, Local & Live Media

Review No. 11

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