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12: Welcome to the world of MARTHA GODDARD with new single 'CIRCLES'...

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

After successful releases in previous tracks 'Mirror Vision', 'Fighter' and 'Voices', Liverpool-based Martha Goddard has returned with another brilliant track for us all: 'Circles'. Released on 18th October, it's already been recognised by BBC Introducing, Radio 1, Radio 6, and most recently featured in 'Loose Ends' on Radio 4. 'Circles' is also set to be the second track on Martha's upcoming debut EP 'It Comes in Waves', so let's get to know the track a bit more before the rest of the tracks follow closely behind!


Transporting you straight to the ethereal and mystic world in which all of Martha's songs live in, 'Circles' draws you in straight away with it's 80s inspired, spiralling synths (think Stranger Things intro, but scouse). After you embark on your journey through the track, you're greeted with the effortless, hypnotising vocals of Martha herself, accompanied with a driving bass line and shimmery backing synths, before the larger-than-life chorus pulls you into a state of spirals and whirlwinds.

'I left my head in the back of your car, drove me around in circles...'

Written around the feeling of being stuck in a loop in a relationship, unsure of a way out, Martha's lyrics perfectly paint the emotional turmoil attached with feeling trapped. Sonically, the arrangement of this track heightens the imagery further, with surf-style guitar lines in the car-chase choruses, and the staple sound of Martha's backing vocal arrangements in the scream-into-a-dark-hole bridge section. The bridge also comes with an element of true despair, a call for help in the maze of navigating through a relationship, before a final lap through the chorus. A true testament to the diversity and range of musicality in her work, 'Circles' is another side of Martha's writing, highlighting the power behind her vocals in contrast to the more delicate 'Mirror Vision'.

Nestled somewhere between Caroline Polachek, Kate Bush and Florence Welsh, 'Circles' is the perfect dose of wondering, euphoria and despair, and if this is just an introduction of what's to come with the full EP, then I'll be surrounding myself in dream-catchers, moonlit walks and all of Martha's current discography until it's release in the future.

by Meg Shaw, Local & Live Media

Review No. 12

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