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13: Fridays are for 'Fresh Finds'- FFION, ROB ELO, GRACE & MOJI, WHT.RBBT.OBJ and GEORGIA JOHNSON...

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Happy Friday! You've got the hang of this now, Fridays are for 'Fresh Finds' updates, and here's 5 of our favourites from this week to get you through the start of November...


FFION - Deadline

'a new-found mantra as you navigate your way through life'

📍Liverpool, UK

As far as debut singles go, you can't get much better than FFION's 'Deadline' - a powerful, feel-good, self-assuring pop-rock tune. FFION has planted herself right into the middle of the Liverpool music scene, with her soul-filled powerhouse vocals recognisable across the North West and beyond, and this release is a true example of the unmatched vocal range. Paired with a classic full band sound, you're taken on a self-healing journey with the lyrics; breaking this age of deadlines and hustle culture that we've all found ourselves in. Letting yourself go, being your own boss, and allowing yourself to not compare your life to others, are all messages threaded in these lyrics, perfect for your feel-good Friday listening. Not only is this debut track lyrically motivating, but the melody will be stuck in your head for months - a new-found mantra as you navigate your way through life. Released on 3rd November 2023.

Rob Elo - Either Way

'arguably one of the most beautiful sonic experiences you can find'

📍Yellowknife, Canada

Vancouver-raised, Yellowknife-based artist Rob Elo has released track 'Either Way' this week, the first of a collection of singles building up to an EP in 2024. Arguably one of the most beautiful sonic experiences you can find, this is so much more than a 3 minute pop track: with intricate rhythms, inventive harmonic features, and a groove that throws you into a trance. Whilst musically technical, and enough for any muso to pull *that* approving face that we all aim for, it's still wrapped in the comforting pop-sensibilities that we know and love. From the soft and soulful vocals, to the catchy choruses and modern production, this track is the best of both worlds and accessible to all music lovers. Written around the helpless feeling of falling in love, and surrendering to all aspects that come with it, 'Either Way' marks the start of a new sound for Rob Elo, and with that comes his self-declared 'first not-super-depressing song'. Released on 27th October 2023.

Grace & Moji - Sad Times

'a universal message and anthemic chorus that has the power to cure all the evil in the world'

📍Los Angeles, USA

The theme of feel-good Friday tunes continues with this next submission, an up-tempo, high energy track from Grace & Moji entitled 'Sad Times'. Despite the title, the audible and lyrical content of this tune is one of self-healing and joy, with an indie-pop edge and an influx of positivity. The LA-based, husband wife duo are known for taking heavy themes and flipping them on their heads to create a lighter, more relatable story, with previous releases 'Our Love' and 'Monster' paving the way before this latest release. 'Sad Times' takes this even further, reminding the listeners that the journey of self-discovery doesn't have to be one of despair and sorrow, but an awakening of the soul. With uplifting pianos, infectious percussion, and undeniable modern-day pop vocals, this track sits perfectly within the 21st Century - with a universal message and anthemic chorus that has the power to cure all the evil in the world. Released on 19th October 2023.

wht.rbbt.obj - Keep You Like a Secret (Tidal Wave)

'oozing femme fatale'

📍Chicago, USA

The perfect hybrid of blues and neo-soul, 'Keep You Like a Secret (Tidal Wave)' is a perfect smoky-staged, vintage-fashioned soundtrack from wht.rbbt.obj. With a sultry, distorted guitar tone and blues-infused piano and organ arrangement, you're transported to a late-night speakeasy; catching eyes across the room, sipping a martini, with the element of mystery lingering over the candle-lit bar. Adding to the timeless instrumentation of this track is the retro tone of River Toussaint Rabbitte’s vocals, reminiscent to that of Amy Winehouse, Paloma Faith and old school blues favourites, taking you through the desire of intimacy and emotions of a longing love. Ebbing and flowing from whispering intimacy to powerful soul, this track is a true testament to the vocal ability of River, paired with Frank's guitar-driven melodies and undeniable performance style. Oozing 'femme fatale', this new release of wht.rbbt.obj's is the start of a future EP set for release later this month, exploring the band's extensive musical abilities and refusal to limit themselves to a particular genre. Released on 3rd November 2023.

Georgia Johnson - Ghost Song

'the answer to all your late-night drives and questions of worry'

📍Liverpool, UK

Momentarily leaving behind the usual shoegaze genre for one of punk and indie-rock elements, Georgia Johnson's 'Ghost Song' is the answer to all your late-night drives and questions of worry. With ear-bending guitar riffs and a driving rhythm section, Georgia takes you on her journey of battles with anxiety and the ghost 'living in [her] mind', with her love of Wet Leg and Two Door Cinema Club inspiring this fresh sound and new side to her artistry. The rugged, DIY style sound of this single, paired with the honest and raw vocals at the forefront of the mix, allow the listener to hear the struggle and panic in the lyrics, a feeling which is both undeniably relatable and painfully personal at the same time. Having been a significant name in the Liverpool scene for a while now, this third release from Georgia reminds everyone to the extents of which her writing capabilities stretch, covering darker themes and heavier arrangements to that of 'Sunflowers' and 'The Moon' in previous releases. Released on 27th October 2023.


Let us know which of these 'Fresh Finds' you're listening to this week, and discover even more releases on the 'Fresh Finds' playlist below!

by Meg Shaw, Local & Live Media

Review No. 13

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