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Updated: Nov 28, 2023

A few weeks ago we launched our two new playlists, 'Mellow Bops' and 'Nothing but Groove'! We've had some brilliant submissions for these, so thought it was only right to pick out a few to share with you all today...


Rhys Coventry - Small Talk

'for all of your Vance Joy and Noah Kahan playlists, tuck Rhys Coventry right in the middle'

📍Byron Bay, Australia

A delicate new addition to our Mellow Bops playlist, Australian artist Rhys Coventry's title track to his new EP, 'small talk', is the perfect track for early wake ups, long walks and moments of reflection. The perfect mix of rolling folk guitar lines, pop production and country inspired lyrics, this is more of a personal, introverted side to Coventry's writing compared to 'carry me home' or 'keep on running' from previous releases (also featuring on the full EP). With the universal struggle of not feeling good enough for anyone threaded through the lyrics, you can hear the pain and passion in Rhys' vocals in 'small talk', heightened by the ever-growing soundscape of reverb-drowned pianos, echoing vocal arrangements and subtle cinematic synths produced by Garrett Kato. For all of your Vance Joy and Noah Kahan playlists, tuck Rhys Coventry right in the middle, as this folk-pop single is a perfect balance of heart-tugging lyrics, a raw vocal performance, catchy yet delicate choruses, and outstanding production. Released on 27th October 2023.

Connor Desai - Forever

'a true sonic experience when you shut out the world and hit play'

📍Seattle, USA

In another Mellow Bops addition, we have 'Forever' by Connor Desai: a chill-trap folk hybrid that sends you into a trance of long stares, sunsets and swirling skies. After previous success in being featured on the soundtrack to Netflix's 'The One', as well as SXSW's 'Deadline' this month, 'Forever' is the latest sound from the ever-evolving artist, as she takes you through a hypnotising array of trip-hop chops on a bed of folk guitars and jazz inspired chordal progressions. In collaboration with Brad Dale, you know you're in safe hands for a downtempo, deeply-rooted production track in 'Forever', and it's a true sonic experience when you shut out the world and hit play. The vocal delivery ties all the elements of this track together, the calm in the eye of the musical storm... with delicate openings in the verses, to a soaring melody in the chorus, this track highlights the range and versatility of Connor's voice, adapting to the constant push and pull of the changing genre styles throughout the track. Released on 27th October 2023.

Rebecca Sichon - Breaking Free

'oozing soul and nostalgia'

📍Vancouver, Canada

Rebecca Sichon's latest release 'Breaking Free' is another brilliant addition to the Mellow Bops playlist this week, with a timeless RnB-pop sound that soars through themes of self-love and freeing yourself, all whilst wrapped up in warm guitars and a tightly pocketed groove. This star-ready artist is no stranger to a successful release, but something about 'Breaking Free' stands out from the rest as a vulnerable, nothing-but-authentic track. Oozing soul and nostalgia in both the vocals and overall production, everything in this track comes naturally and with welcoming arms, from it's classic 6/8 feel complimenting the powerhouse vocals to the intricate bass lines and subtle string arrangements. Co-written with Juno-nominated singer/songwriter Mathew V and 604’s resident producer/songwriter Jared Manierka as part of the 604 Records songwriting camp, there was high expectations for this dream team collaboration, yet the track exceeded anything that came before it - a staple on all your easy-listening playlists. Released on 3rd November 2023.

Desarae Dee ft. Trill Beetz - FUSE

'an outer-world experience'

📍Toronto, Canada

Moving onto our 'Nothing but Groove' playlist additions for this week, what better place to start than the outer-world experience that is Desarae Dee and Trill Beetz' 'FUSE'. This just short of three minutes instrumental track takes you on a journey of 80s synths, disco-style strings, jazz flavoured chords and rippling percussion to create a scene of late night vibes soundtracked with quite literally 'nothing but groove'. From effortlessly crafted synth melodies and chord progressions that hold the power to throw anyone into a state of involuntary dancing, this track is a testament to how Desarae can create pure emotion and euphoria using combinations of nostalgic sounds and melodies. With pulsing percussion embedded underneath the solid bass foundation found in many of Desarae's discography, the track as a whole holds a driving force that takes you through hybrid genres, old sounds you know you love, and new sounds you've never experienced, making it an event in itself. Released on 10th October 2023.

Gianfranco GFN - Doctor Wind

'if you're in instant need of movement and motivation, 'Doctor Wind' is the perfect remedy'

📍Bienne, Switzerland

Nothing screams out good vibes quite like Gianfranco GFN's latest release 'Doctor Wind', another addition to the 'Nothing but Groove' playlist this week. With spells of horn stabs, funk guitars, swirling organs and soulful vocals, this track is a universal call to dance. Exploring the spirit of the wind playing with our conscience and offering a feeling of reflection, the lyrics are uplifting and infectious - you'll be singing along before the song finishes. If you're in instant need of movement and motivation, 'Doctor Wind' is the perfect remedy, offering soaring vocal melodies on a huge instrumental bed of groove and emotion. The big-band feel makes anyone feel welcome to join in, the arrangement growing throughout into a mass of pure elation by the end of the track, and with the focus being on the enjoyment of music, there's a rawness that shines through the production so much that you can almost see all the musicians on stage together whilst listening. Released on 29th September 2023.


If you like what you're reading, be sure to check out both of our playlists below, in full:

by Meg Shaw, Local and Live Media

Review No. 14

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