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15: An emotional folk-pop experience with LAUREN WHITE's latest single 'TELL ME IF YOU LOVE ME'...

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

For lovers of Maisie Peters, Lizzy McAlpine and our 'Mellow Bops' playlist, let us introduce you to Lauren White. Belfast-grown and Liverpool-based, the folk-pop artist is releasing her latest single 'Tell Me If You Love Me' on 10th November, and is a perfect example of her journal-like writing and pristine vocal delivery. After having Lauren in for a live session and podcast just earlier on in 2023, we are excited to explore her work even more in this latest release, which follows on from previous singles 'boxes.' and 'Small Talk'.


Written around the ever-confusing situation of an 'almost relationship', you get a dose of Lauren's introspective lyricism from start to finish in this delicate folk ballad. 'Tell Me If You Love Me' paints a scene of confusion and torment, yet still holds a comforting and warm presence in the arrangement and production, making you feel safe and understood when listening. Lauren has a knack for holding the listener at the palm of her hand with intricate story-telling and contrasting soundscapes, and this track takes that effect even further with a constant push-pull between the fragile verses and larger-than-life choruses.

With the artist's elegant vocals at the forefront of a sea of dulcet strings, a warm piano and the familiar folk guitar tone we know and love, we are taken on the emotional spiral of uncertainty and frustration. Both lyrically and musically, the track builds to the heart-wrenching bridge - a moment of realisation and reflection, and a hold of tension and breath from the track as a whole. Drawing the focus away from the cinematic instrumental to the bare bones of low-end piano and honest vocals reminds us of the singer/songwriter background that Lauren comes from, writing from a place of authenticity and personal struggle.

'I don't want to be building bridges night and day, while you build up your walls...'

The perfect balance between traditional folk and universal pop, 'Tell Me If You Love Me' is constantly evolving, but perfectly catchy at the same time. As a third release, we're starting to pin together the sounds of Lauren White, yet each release reveals another side to Lauren's writing that shows how versatile and mature her music is. To experience the emotional experience in 'Tell Me If You Love Me', make sure you've pre-saved the track, and get ready for Friday 10th November when it's released into the world.

by Meg Shaw, Local & Live Media

Review No. 15

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