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16: Heartbreak, enigma, motivation and mystery - MINA MY, MATT MCKNZI, LASS and BLUE JEAN...

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

The ever-growing 'Fresh Finds' playlist is now 3 weeks old, and it's constantly showcasing the latest new tunes for you to discover and indulge. This week saw a lot of new additions, including these 4 tracks that we will dive into detail with...


Mina My - I Miss Your Dog

'full of honesty, existentialism and heartbreak'

📍Liverpool, UK

Full of indie-rock distortion, bedroom-pop vocals and shameless angsty lyrics, Mina My has recently released her debut single 'I Miss Your Dog', which perfectly encapsulates the rugged and relatable sounds of a modern-day artist. For fans of girl in red, boygenius and Dodie, this energy driven track is your new autumn soundtrack - full of honesty, existentialism and heartbreak. Written about the ending of a relationship, and the reality that you actually don't miss that person anymore, just their dog, makes you feel at home with the artist, who writes from a place of reality and humour. Lyrically strong, and melodically catchy, it fits perfectly into an early 00s rom-com soundtrack. Raised in Stavanger, Norway, and currently residing in Liverpool, UK, this debut release is just the start for the artist. If you're falling in love with the jangly guitars, intimate vocals and pulsing drums, stick around for more Mina My in the future. Released on 12th October 2023.

Matt Mcknzi - Atlas

'crafted with edge and enigma'

📍Dallas, USA

Morphing alt-RnB, hip-hop and dark-pop into a mesmerising whirlwind of emotions, Matt McKnzi's latest release 'Atlas' has been on our radar for a few weeks now, and we are so excited to finally share it with you all. With a soulful vocal delivery placed in-between an angelic choir and dark production, you feel a sense of eeriness and tension; a constant push-pull between the light and dark. Production-wise, every contrasting sound is placed perfectly within the world of shadows and evil, the driving trap percussion cementing everything together in a wall of echoes and whispers. The introverted lyrical content dives even deeper into the mysterious world the artist's created by exploring the intricacies of the human brain and subtly referencing mythology. Crafted with edge and enigma, any late night drive would pair perfectly with this track, as McKnzi transports you to a parallel universe of dark secrets, unanswered questions and ever-spiralling synths and sounds. Released on 10th November 2023.

LASS - Green Lights

'there's an honesty and relatability to this spirited duo'

📍Wigan, UK

Hailing from Wigan, alt-pop sisters LASS released a string of singles throughout 2023, and after receiving the submission for their track 'Green Lights', we had to spread the word. Fitting right into the world of Maggie Rogers and Sigrid, their vocally driven sounds leave you feeling uplifted and motivated, whilst their indie-pop sensibilities get you appreciating the pristine and organic production. Writing about struggles of womanhood, navigating through emotions, and topics they wish they heard as they grew up around music, there's an honesty and relatability to this spirited duo. 'Green Lights' in particular focuses on the immense power of their voices when paired together, setting off with a delicate vocal entry before gearing up to a soul-warming chorus and bridge that takes you on a journey of appreciation and positivity. For tunes to get you through difficult patches of life, head to LASS's discography today, there's a track for each and every moment in time. Released on 6th January 2023.

Blue Jean - Patina

'drawing you into a world of fortune tellers and tarot cards'

📍Liverpool, UK

The vintage-sounding, mystical world of Blue Jean is back with another release this week, entitled 'Patina', leading up to a full EP later on this month. Hitting us with the James Bond guitar tone that takes us straight to the dark glitz and glamour of a speakeasy, we are pulled through a journey of lifelong longing and lust, whilst the effortless vocals paint the scene of old school fashion and fantasy. All the instruments in this release compliment the eeriness of the vocals, with dark bass lines and arena-filling drums drawing you into a world of fortune tellers and tarot cards. The track as a whole flows between entrancing vocals and shimmery synths, before leaving us with a print of lead surf guitar that plays round in our heads hours after the track finishes. Perfectly produced as a timeless classic, you can smell the incense sticks and lingering smoke of your favourite vintage store in this alt-rock track. Released on 3rd November 2023.


As always, you can listen to all these tracks alongside the rest of the latest finds over on our 'Fresh Finds' playlist below, and keep coming back for more as it's constantly evolving for you to find your next favourite artists and bands!

by Meg Shaw, Local & Live Media

Review No. 16

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