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17: CHARLY BETH has the perfect remedy for a bad day in debut single 'YOU AND ME'...

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

After capturing the hearts of the Liverpool music scene over the past few years with multiple live performances, soul-pop artist Charly Beth is releasing her long-awaited debut single entitled 'You and Me' on 16th November 2023. Whilst she holds the power of getting a live audience on their feet dancing along to her infectiously groove-driven songs and energy-filled stage presence, can she deliver the same effect in her recorded work? Spoiler... she absolutely can.


Hidden in the sweet spot between the likes of Olivia Dean and Sammy Rae and The Friends, 'You and Me' is the perfect introduction to Charly Beth for those who've not had the pleasure of seeing her live (yet!). From timeless funk guitars, a soulful horn section, soaring bass lines and catchy pop hooks, you're taken to a world of bright colours and sunshine, all whilst exploring the idea of leaving someone behind after a break up (which usually would sound dark and downbeat). Flipping the narrative on it's head was Charly's idea when coming to write this 3 minute 27 second hit of happiness, after finding herself in a sad-song-rut for so long in her music. With help from producer Tilly Louise (The Beautiful People Club), no longer were there piano ballads full of sorrow, but rather a pick-yourself-up track to keep you going after a difficult period in time. 'You and Me' is the perfect remedy for a bad day, and a brilliant reminder that you are worth more than to be treated wrong.

'so don't call me baby, that ain't gunna win my heart...'

Starting off the track with an honest introduction before growing into the larger-than-life choruses, Charly's vocals carry you through words of wisdom and mantras for tough times in this track. The quality of Charly's voice is technically sound, with a quality like no other, and the surroundings of this track allow her to roam freely into runs and riffs with no limits. From the rhythmically intricate chorus lyrics, to the soul-freeing ad libs in the final section, you're left mesmerised by the artist's capability to use her voice as an instrument, complimented by the other brilliant musicians around her.

Despite being recorded in kitchens, living rooms and rehearsal rooms, this track could fill arenas with it's wide soundscape of laughter and chanting. Personality and pure talent shines through this DIY-built track, with the emphasise always focussing on the music itself, not the materialistic and industry-pleasing qualities that some music prioritises today. You feel on the same level as Charly Beth when listening to her tracks: she's calling you in to join her, not look down on you. This authentic approach oozes through everything Charly produces, from working with local talent to create the artwork (Katie Milner and Alicia MacLaren), to putting on her own gigs in her new-found home of Liverpool. For a genuine artist who has the perfect independent approach, get to know Charly Beth - and get ready for her debut release in 'You and Me' on Thursday 16th November.

by Meg Shaw, Local & Live Media

Review No. 17

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