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2: A road-trip essential with FLYNT'S 'WESTSIDE'...

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Our favourite Cumbrians FLYNT are back with another BANGER entitled 'Westside', so we thought we'd dive right in and see what this highly anticipated track has to offer!


Having already caught the attention of BBC Introducing and Radio 6 after releasing earlier this month, FLYNT are no strangers to a successful release. With previous tracks 'Digging', 'Do I' and 'Sweet Nothing' to name a few, FLYNT have found that sweet spot between infectious pop and raw soul that many attempt, but none hit quite the same. 'Westside' is no exception to this FLYNT-Formula, and for lovers of the 'Our Generation' playlist on Spotify, this tune would fit right into all of your Maggie Rogers/Will Joseph Cook/Charlie Puth/FINNEAS/Lizzie McAlpine mixes.

"Do you hear me? I'm a million miles away..."

Written about going to the ends of the world for someone, that dreaded M6 drive (we've all been there), and the long journeys with nothing but your own feelings for company, this release really does hit home for so many. Documenting that experience, and adding it to a head-bopping, sonically intricate instrumentation, FLYNT have provided you with a PERFECT soundtrack for the energy drink infused, northern weather soaked M6 drive.

If you know my personal music taste, you'll know I'm a SUCKER for a tune like this: face-melting effortless vocals, paired with sprinkles of warm guitar lines, and a pumping groove that allows you to just let go of any of life stresses and throw your limbs around the dance floor. Seeing FLYNT live is an experience I encourage all of you to do, but this single captures that feeling from the comfort of your own home (or, cars in this case), whilst you wait for their next performance.

From the second you hit play on this track, you'll feel the ache and agony of the lyrics, and this cruises through into the rhythmically-brilliant choruses and gut-wrenchingly honest middle 8. And despite all this heartbreak and emotion, you'll still want to scream it at the top of your lungs whilst driving 70, because the song as a whole drives you into a state of euphoria and invincibility.

"...driving down the westside, you'll never find me..."

A nod to their Cumbrian life, the whole song revolves around driving miles and miles for something or someone - which couldn't be more relatable. In fact, the first time I met FLYNT, they'd got up before 6am to travel down to Liverpool for a Local & Live session at the Arts Bar (episode 13, if you're interested) that morning. Having packed all their kit in the back, and driven miles to make it to the bar for 10am, they performed with such energy and entertainment, all with smiles on their faces. They had way more energy than me, who'd just hopped on the 82 bus fifteen minutes before the session started. That's what I LOVE about this band, they are honest, hard-working, humble, and on top of all of that - create absolute bangers. If you're not on the FLYNT hype already, then get on it, because they're coming at you in the fast lane and not stopping anytime soon.

by Meg Shaw, Local & Live Media

Review No. 2

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