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21: Groovy days and mellow evenings with MIA GIOVINA, LINFA KEAR, JACOBOOM and GINGER BEEF...

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Another Wednesday means another mid-week update on our playlists, this time focussing on our soft-sounding 'Mellow Bops', and groove-driven 'Nothing but Groove'...


Mia Giovina - Without a Note

'your calm in the middle of the world's storm'

📍New Jersey, USA

Starting off today's update with a full EP(!!), Mia Giovina released her debut collection of work in 'Without a Note' in late-October this year, and we HAD to add it to our 'Mellow Bops' playlist as soon as we heard it. An amalgamation of folk-pop guitars, shimmery synths and intimate vocals, you're taken on a journey of heartbreak and longing, with five tracks highlighting the versatility in Mia as an artist. From the spellbinding opener in 'Deathbed', to the ever-catchy 'Fair' and 'Porch Light, and finally the delicate 'Losing Time' and 'Without a Note' to finish off the masterpiece, lovers of Holly Humberstone and Maggie Rogers would find comfort and familiarity in this production-perfected EP. Everything from the lyrical content to the complimenting artwork and photography screams future star; with a modern-day edge and undeniable contemporary talent behind the popstar front. For all your dreamy and mesmerising needs, head over to Mia's 'Without a Note' EP today to find your calm in the middle of the world's storm. Released on 26th October 2023.

Linfa Kear - Warm

'as a debut single, you can't get much better than this'

📍London, UK

Next up on our 'Mellow Bops' additions for this week, Linfa Kear's debut single 'Warm' fits perfectly into our delicate, lyric-focused playlist - boasting warm production and magically intimate vocals from start to finish. As a debut single, you can't get much better than this: with clear artistic direction and vision laced through every aspect of the track, you'd struggle to not put whatever you're doing down to stare into space and admire the brilliantly crafted track in all it's vulnerable glory. With mystical tremolo guitars and dark synths carrying you through the track, before the uplifting trumpet solo amongst chatter and growing cinematic sounds, you could tuck this track into a Phoebe Bridgers album and it would slot in like the final puzzle piece. Written around the soul-bearing situation of leaving someone and not returning, this haunting track captures the feeling of uncertainty and unfamiliarity perfectly with washes of spiralling reverb and ear-catching chord progressions. Released on 22nd November 2023.

JACOBOOM - lēv 'a magical and uplifting sonic experience'

📍Sweden, Stockholm

Taking us on a magical and uplifting sonic experience, JACOBOOM released single 'lēv' last week - and with it came deeply-rooted cinematic soundscapes, haunting choir stacks, and a heart-warmingly familiar indie-folk ukulele that wrapped the whole track together with a euphoric-laced piece of string. Playing with the themes of fear and isolation, the intimate vocals are produced to perfection as they whisper right into your ears, whilst the synths and rippling percussion provide a bed of comfort amongst the dark subjects. The contrast of light and dark, warm and cold, is portrayed both tonally and thematically, with the artist having a strong interest in the season of Autumn and the changes and conflicts that it holds. No stranger to vocal arrangements, JACOBOOM has an extensive background of classical choirs and a love for strong melodies, highlighted perfectly within this track leading up to the full masterpiece of an EP entitled 'Autumn Songs' (being released later this week). Released on 17th November 2023.

Ginger Beef - Dew 'retro-soul running through the veins of every aspect in this feel-good track'

📍Calgary, Canada

Hitting you with energy-driven arrangements and an infectiously catchy vocal hook straight away, Ginger Beef's 'Dew' is a strong addition to our 'Nothing but Groove' playlist this week. With retro-soul running through the veins of every aspect in this feel-good track, you feel nothing but nostalgia when listening - from the funk bass, to the rippling flute melody, and the jazz tendencies tucked in amongst the pop-duo's undeniable sound. The second single from their self-titled album 'Ginger Beef', 'Dew' is the laid-back cousin of their heavier 'Hocus Pocus' debut single earlier this year, highlighting the sonic journey that the full album takes you on. Growing up in Calgary, but inspired by Asian flavours, you can hear the 80s/90s influence in this track, making it a perfect soundtrack to your favourite childhood film growing up. With flashes of drum fills and hidden messages hiding behind the ever-extensive instrumentation, every time you hit play on this track, you experience different aspects that you never heard before. Released on 27th October 2023.


There we have it... some tracks to keep you crying at your bedside, and dancing in the street, to take you through the rest of the week! Be sure to add these tracks to your own playlists as well, and check back at our 3 Local & Live Media Playlists weekly to get your dose of new music.

by Meg Shaw, Local & Live Media

Review No. 21

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