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22: LAZYGIRL's dreamy alt-pop anthem 'WITHDRAWALS'...

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Having had 'withdrawals' after not seeing Lazygirl since Soundcity Festival earlier this year, I was delighted to see the release of the artist's latest single last week. 'Soft Focus' was on repeat in my life since it's release in 2022, and now I can feed my hunger for more Lazygirl tunes with new single 'Withdrawals': an alt-pop whirlwind of dreamy synths, soaring vocals and warming lo-fi production.


Written around the humdrum task of picking up your prescription (and in fact, forgetting to), 'Withdrawals' is far from mundane. With ear-worm samples ticking away and scratching the itch at the back of your brain, you'll have this track imprinted in your mind for weeks on end - a sonic medication in itself. Laid-back, and in true lazy-style, you feel relaxed yet still driven forward when listening; conflicting sounds and rhythms weaving together to create twists of colour and feeling. Lo-fi goodness blends all these palettes into harmony with fuzzy synths and crunchy percussion, and the clear-as-day upfront vocals take you on the emotional turmoil and brawl of withdrawal symptoms taking over your life.

'I guess I didn't pick you up in time... I guess it's because I resent you'

Lyrically, Lazygirl has a knack for writing honestly and authentically, this new release being no exception. Humanising the idea of needing something you can't have, almost creating a relationship-style situation within the lyrics, listeners can take what they want from this ever-evolving wistful track. The re-occuring 'I guess' statements put the artist on the same level as the fans, showing the confusion and naivety of the situation, and highlighting the journalistic approach to Lazygirl's writing. Paired with the chorus-drowned guitars and echoing whisper vocals, this idea of being inside your head really pierces through in 'Withdrawals'.

After already hitting over one million Spotify streams pre-'Withdrawals', and pockets-full of live experience after being one of Liverpool's 'Most Ready' Artists from LIMF Academy, a regular on the Liverpool music scene and getting to play at the Eurovision Village Main Stage earlier this year, it's clear that Lazygirl is an artist to get addicted to, if you're not already. Bubbling away with endless collaborations, live gigs and adding intricate details to her artistry, each released track is another puzzle piece in the masterpiece picture that is Lazygirl: complete with shimmers, blurred lines and tranquil colours.


Stream 'Withdrawals' below, and be sure to explore the rest of Lazygirl's discography whilst you're there...

by Meg Shaw, Local & Live Media

Review No. 22

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