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23: 4 tracks to soundtrack your weekend- HELEN MAW, GEORGE BONE, ARLISTON and CHARLOTTE GALLAGHER...

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Friday has come round again, and so has our weekly playlist round-up! Two 'Mellow Bops' and two 'Fresh Finds' additions for you to indulge in, courtesy of the latest releases from your new favourite artists Helen Maw, George Bone, Arliston and Charlotte Gallagher...


Helen Maw - Things You Never Said

'effortlessly polished vocals, crystal-clear production, technically sound'

📍Liverpool, UK

An uplifting new release from Liverpool-based Helen Maw, 'Things You Never Said' is the second single leading up to a full EP in 2024, and has been added to our 'Fresh Finds' playlist this week. With nostalgic saxophone, powerhouse vocals, and the timeless full-band sound that we know and love, Helen takes us through her emotional journey of navigating unspoken moments and miscommunication. Effortlessly polished vocals drive this track as a whole, with a classical background guaranteeing a technically sound performance in this pop ballad, whilst the band arrangement emphasises the heightened emotion in the song's lyrics. Recorded at Crosstown Studios, the crystal-clear production puts this track right into the modern-day pop scene, clarity and accuracy in every detail of the intricately crafted track. After catching the hearts of BBC Introducing and Amazing Radio with her work, she's recently signed to Meadow Records leading up to her 2024 EP release. Released on 17th November 2023.

George Bone - Valencia

'soul-filled and sun-kissed'

📍Essex, UK

Neo-soul, jazz-pop hybrid track 'Valencia' hit our radars this week at Local & Live Media, earning it's rightful place on our 'Fresh Finds' playlist. The Essex-based artist, George Bone, blends his heart-felt vocals with the contemporary sounds of synths and punchy drums, and the jazz-influenced chords evolve this track further into a relaxing and easy listening song. Written around the idea of travelling in the sunshine with that special someone, the track transports you to deep-red sunsets and sand-coated beaches with it's warm lo-fi production and gritty groove. You'll be singing along after one repeat of this song, with George highlighting his mainstream capabilities of creating a catchy melody whilst still keeping it musically technical and rhythmically intricate. As a debut single, you can already place this artist into all your Bruno Major, Conor Albert and Eloise playlists for the perfect laid-back soundtrack, and with more on the way from George, we will be waiting eagerly for more soul-filled, sun-kissed tunes in the future. Released on 24th November 2023.

Arliston - Thawed

'ice-sculpture of struggle and frustration'

📍London, UK

Alt-folk doesn't get much better than the latest release from Arliston, entitled 'Thawed'; a chilling soundscape of shimmering synths and cutting-edge raw vocals that's been added to our 'Mellow Bops' playlist this week. Narrating an endless loop of behaviour, with lingering claustrophobia and no sign of escape, the London-based indie-duo effortlessly carve this ice-sculpture of struggle and frustration with contrasting sounds of old and new, and hypnotising vocal delivery pulled together with a heavy force of frost and bitterness. Naturally flowing through different states of mind and sonic scenes, 'Thawed' is molded from start to finish in swirls and spirals, the arrangement taking you on an involuntary journey of cinematic highs and ever-delicate lows. Reminiscent of Alt-J and Bon Iver, Arliston have the skill of bending and breaking rules to create new sounds and genres, whilst keeping it digestible for music-lovers alike. After success in their latest EP 'How In Heaven', 'Thawed' is the last release from Arliston for 2023, leaving you on a cliff-hanger for more releases in the future. Released on 24th November 2023.

Charlotte Gallagher - Don't Pretend

'Charlotte's soulful vocals make you stop in your tracks'

📍Liverpool, UK

Co-written with Jess Harvey, 'Don't Pretend' is a poignant entry from Liverpool-based artist Charlotte Gallagher, released earlier this month, and added to our 'Mellow Bops' playlist this week. With spellbinding keys opening up the scene of heartbreak and realisation, the track takes you through pure emotion and chilling realities with it's questioning lyrics and ever-building structure. Charlotte's soulful vocals make you stop in your tracks to appreciate the honesty and soaring melodies you're exposed to, whilst the subtle instrumental arrangements wrap you up in warmth and glow. As a debut single, you grasp the full picture of Charlotte's artistry in this just-short-of-four-minute soul-pop ballad, highlighting strong songwriting, flawless vocal performance and versatile capabilities. On track to hit mainstream, 'Don't Pretend' is proudly crafted with local collaborations and independent strategy, making it even more authentic than just it's sound. Released on 9th November 2023.


Check out the playlists in full below, and be sure to add these tracks to your own playlists to spread the tracks further!

by Meg Shaw, Local & Live Media

Review No. 23

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