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24: 'CODE PRESENTS' this weekend...

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Bursting through the Liverpool music scene with innovative ideas under the wings of Meraki, 'Code' is your new favourite music event promotion brand. With their first event on the horizon later this week (Friday 1st December), here's all the reasons why you should be adding it to your dairy...


1. Local art and music hybrid event

Merging together the creative worlds of art and music, Code's sought-after event on Friday is an art installation alongside a gig night, bringing together two elements of inspiration under one roof. With art from London-based artist Isaac Grubb, and North-West music line up (pyncher, SLAP RASH, DieKaiDie, DEK and Teleshopping), you'll be viewing art and music alongside each other, creating an immersive experience full of imagination and local talent.

2. Mentorship with Meraki

For those of you living under a rock, Meraki is an independent music and arts venue in Liverpool, a stones throw away from the city centre and dock area. Meraki's Youth Placement Programme selects two individuals on a seven-month placement to train them in putting on events, working within the industry and giving them opportunities to host events... one being 'Code Presents'! You always seem to have a brilliant night in the taxi-garage-turned-underground-venue, and this event will be no exception.

3. Impressive array of talent

Going back to the line-up for the evening (you didn't think we'd skip over that, did you?!), let's take a minute to appreciate the wide display of talent on display, from moody post-punk pyncher, explosive duo SLAP RASH, hyper-pop hybrid DieKaiDie, to Manchester-favourite DEK and emmersive duo Teleshopping. Not only is the line-up a perfectly crafted experience in itself, but audible experiences are heightened with the visuals from London-based artist Isaac Grubb, morphing audio and visual experience into one line up of creativity.

4. End-of-year round up

Before you all hang up your in-ears and replace them for santa hats, why not grab a group of friends and emmerse yourself in a night of art at Meraki? This time of year can be a crazy time for most, so take a minute out of the dreaded Christmas shopping and busy high streets for an evening of like-minded gig goers and art appreciaters, all in the name of local talent.

5. Cheap tickets

What could possibly be better than a night of 5 music acts, and an art installation? One that's budget-friendly! Unfortunately, the early bird tickets are sold out, but you can still cop a ticket for as little as £12 (tiered tickets, so act quickly!). With this comes a visit to a London-based gallery, a trip round the North West's best in music, and the underground experience of Meraki, all under one roof! Code Presents has brought together this amalgamation of art to showcase the best in local talent, and you'd be a fool to miss it.


There you have it... five reasons why you should be attending the first ever 'Code Presents' event this Friday 1st December! Be sure to check out all the musicians and artists involved (listed below), and go and grab your tickets now before it's too late!









by Meg Shaw, Local & Live Media

Review No. 24

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