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Drawing the year to a close, we have 5 new tracks for you in this mid-week round up, to keep you going through the final days of November!


Esme Bridie - Too Good for You

'attitude, distortion and indie goodness'

📍Liverpool, UK

As soon as I saw that Liverpool-based artist Esme has recently been vibing to bands like FIZZ and Wet Leg, I knew I'd fall in love with her latest single 'Too Good For You', released earlier this month. Bursting with attitude, distortion and indie goodness, Bridie proves that she is a force to be reckoned with in this just-short-of-3-minutes rupture of self-confidence and unhinged mantras. From chugging guitars, DIY-style drums and spoken word verses, this universal rejection of people pleasing tendencies makes you feel invincible; the perfect pick-me-up for anyone feeling walked over. The scarily relatable lyrics highlight the imbalance in the world with the entitled thinking they run everything, but 'Too Good For You' is the rebels' revolution theme tune against this. Bridie effortlessly flicks from spoken word to indie-pop-filled melodies in the choruses and bridge, making this track infectiously catchy and showcasing the versatility in the artist's vocal capabilities. After catching attention from Spotify UK, BBC 6, BBC Introducing and Amazing Radio to name a few, we are delighted to add Esme's latest track to our 'Fresh Finds' playlist this week. Released on 17th November 2023.

Khadija Luv - Keep it Together

'an ideal modern-day anthem of finding yourself'

📍London, UK

For lovers of alt-pop, RnB and soul, get to know Khadija Luv's latest single 'Keep It Together': a mind-expanding experience of euphoric vocals, electronic waves and shimmery production. Everything from the cinematic choruses to the pleading melodies are crafted from the heart, Khadija's life experiences painted in swirls of synths and samples. Heading straight towards the mainstream, this track is an ideal modern-day anthem of finding yourself, battling society's pressures and expectations whilst staying true to yourself. Not only is the lyrical content and arrangement strong, but the vocal performance is second-to-none with it's gritty and powerful quality, something that is apparent amongst all of Khadija's work. The Brazilian-born, South East London-based artist merges her two lives together in this track, with Brazilian producers behind the sonic masterpiece, and London city-life edge cutting through the pristine-pop front. Oozing passion and personality, 'Keep It Together' has rightfully earnt it's place on our 'Fresh Finds' playlist this week. Released on 17th November 2023.

Cupids Chorus - Goodness Godbless

'nostalgic flit of intimacy and intricacy'

📍Birkenhead, UK

Heading straight to our 'Mellow Bops' playlist, cupids chorus have released their latest track 'Goodnight Godbless' this month, and with it's yearning vocals and delicate acoustic warmth, it's a nostalgic flit of intimacy and intricacy. Known for writing about things usually left unsaid, cupids chorus have an edge to them that is brought out in DIY-style production and taboo tendencies, a call-out for anyone who feels alone in this dark and intimidating world. Swapping full band arrangements and ukulele driven songs for a much grittier sound, 'Goodnight Godbless' is your winter evening soundtrack, with all the frost and mystery that comes with it. Vocally, this track highlights lead singer Elias' raw qualities right at the front of the mix, with subtle effects to showcase both the human-ness of the band, and their relatability. With nights getting earlier, and skies getting darker, reach for cupids chorus for a blanket of comfort and familliarity. Released on 6th November 2023.

The Horn - People Like Us

'planted amongst Britpop influences, fed with distorted rock riffs and cultivated in shimmery indie-pop production' 📍London, UK

Planted amongst Britpop influences, fed with distorted rock riffs and cultivated in shimmery indie-pop production, The Horn's debut album 'People Like Us' is a must in your musical diet this November. Spanning themes of insecurity, curiousity and the wider society, there's a track for every situation you may find yourself in; from the explosive entry in 'Do It Now', the mysterious 'Too Many Moments', and the ever-reflective title track, 'People Like Us'. Coming to the end of their tour supporting Scouting for Girls, The Horn's album is an amalgamation of past releases, present experiences and future longings, tied up in a fistful of uplifting catchy tunes, and a flicker of delicate tracks, '50 Years After' and 'Always Late' being poignant moments in the album experience. Produced by Danny Monk and Danton Supple (Coldplay, Elbow), The Horn are in good hands under RAK Studios and Cooking Vinyl, heading for a fast-track entry to the resurgence of guitar-led indie-rock that is creeping onto our mainstream. Released on 3rd November 2023.

Shane Rennison - Live at the Outlier Inn

'escape the cruel outside world with this ethereal experience of tranquility and heartfelt lyrics'

📍New York, USA

Live EPs don't get much better than this... with well-crafted arrangements and authentic vocals giving Shane Rennison's tracks a breath of fresh air and new meaning in his 'Live at the Outlier Inn' collection. Immensely human, complete with all it's natural edge and nothing to hide behind, the live performance and production of 'Closer', 'Ghost' and 'Drunk' accentuates the abilities of Shane and his band, giving you the live gig experience from the comfort of your own homes and headphones. Each track showing a different glimpse into Shane's writing, these hand-picked songs are from his album 'Nice to Meet You' released earlier this year, and give the listener new ways to digest and interpret the melodies, lyrics and arrangements. From the longing 'Closer', to the reflective 'Ghost' and the pain-filled 'Drunk', you're in good hands with earworm guitar tones and soul hitting bass lines. Blending indie-folk songwriting with pop-rock sounds, escape the cruel outside world with this ethereal experience of tranquility and heartfelt lyrics. Released on 24th November 2023.


As always, familiarise yourself with our extensive Spotify playlists to get the full run-down of what we are listening to, and get to know all the discographies from these amazing artists!

by Meg Shaw, Local & Live Media

Review No. 26

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