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29: LITTLE PLANETS debut EP 'TO BE HONEST' is a perfect glimpse of being in your early twenties...

Bubbling away in the scene for a while now, Leeds-based LITTLE PLANETS are no strangers to an infectiously catchy melody or groove-driven bass line, and their latest EP 'To Be Honest' is a collection of 4 tracks oozing with everything the band does best, wrapped in pop shimmer and sleek production. With a reputation for being brilliant live, we are here to dive into their release side of things, going track by track into their latest work...


Track 1: 'Why'

Transporting you to all things glitterballs and discotheque, the EP's opening track 'Why' is packed full of energy and personality, setting you up for a wild ride to come. Fronted with double female power vocals, 'Why' would slot perfectly into the disco-pop influenced charts of today, with a fresh female perspective on navigating relationships and the society we all live in. Something about the band's personality makes you feel like you've been best friends with them for years, perhaps due to their contagious spirit and relatability. 'Why' is no exeption to this rule, exploring the push-and-pull of meeting someone: complete with all the mixed signals and confusion that comes with. From the funk guitar to the 80s style synths, everything is locked into a pocket of drive and attitude, turning any room into a sticky-floored, colourful-drinked club full of neon lights and laughter.

Track 2: 'Every Time'

Spiralling flawlessly into a darker side of their music, 'Every Time' starts with rippling synths and a heart-thudding bass line, paired with captivating vocals and irresistable clicks that'll have you joining in without realising. The rising pre-chorus raises your heartbeat ready for an explosive chorus, with dance influences laced perfectly into the full band sound. Mesmerising and uplifting, this euphoric second track could've easily been a contender for the Barbie soundtrack (Mattel, if you're reading, you missed out on this banger). Self-reflecting lyrics of knowing someone's wrong for you, but going ahead with it anyway, LITTLE PLANETS continue to be the relatable neighbours in your life that you can rely on for an honest conversation, and with a coming-of-age theme threaded through their songs, 'Every Time' is definitely up there for 'Songs You Need to Listen To before you turn 25'.

Track 3: 'TBH'

Swapping the dance-pop Dua Lipa vibe for more of a Lily Allen wearing-hearts-on-sleeve narrative, 'TBH' is a lyrically-driven observation of modern day sexism, calling out on the every day struggles of being a woman in a man's world. With telephone-chatter and distorted guitar licks filling any gaps in the music, this third track is packed with contrasting sounds and feelings, an audible dipiction of trying to fit into a world not built for you. With a slower tempo than the tracks prior, LITTLE PLANETS sit you down for a reality check with 'TBH', drawing the focus on the message of the track, and allowing you to digest the importance of the writing. Yes, LITTLE PLANETS can be an escape from the world with their dance-yourself-silly sound, but they can also use their platform to highlight social issues, and the power of speaking out.

Track 4: '21'

Rounding up all the lessons learnt throughout the EP, '21' is a release of stress and worry wrapped in synth hooks and pop-oriented melodies. The latest single with a pairing music video, '21' is EXACTLY what LITTLE PLANETS stand for; so let them be the tour guides to the mystic world of being in your twenties. Questioning everything from taxes to social events, this track is the epiphony of the 'fuck it, that's life' mantra, taking life as it comes and trying to smile whilst things are thrown your way. With a reflective and reassuring bridge section, you get a breath of relief knowing that everyone's going through the same mess, before a final deep-dive into the exhilerating chorus we grow to know inside out by the end of the track. The feeling of a grand finale, '21' is a perfect summary of the EP: a glimpse into navigating the weird and wonderful world of being in your twenties.


If you've found yourself tapping your feet whilst listening to the EP, or had the lyrics resonate with you, why not come and see LITTLE PLANETS live? They will be playing EBGBs in Liverpool on Monday 11th December, so if you're around... come and dance yourself silly.

by Meg Shaw, Local & Live Media

Review No. 29

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