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31: GRACE ELIZABETH HARVEY releases a delicate debut single FAMILIAR...

Raised in the North West and nurtured by North East's Canary Records, independent artist Grace Elizabeth Harvey released her debut single 'Familiar' this autumn, and with it came all the warm folk goodness we need on these chillier days. Complete with beautifully crafted lyrics, rich acoustic guitar and soul-warming vocals, 'Familiar' has already caught the attention of many listeners, and we are here to explore the track even further...


No stranger to Local & Live, Grace appeared on our radar earlier this year, joining in with our live session and podcast at Arts Bar Hope Street in March, and has been bubbling away with performances and studio time since then. 'Familiar' is the first of Grace's releases, and effortlessly showcases everything the artist is capable of - leaving you feeling comforted and understood (think Joni Mitchell, but from Merseyside). Inspired by artists old and new, you can hear the timeless sounds of Grace's musical upbringing in her music, 'Familiar' slotting perfectly between The Beatles' Norwegian Wood and The Staves' Nothing's Gonna Happen.

'I see you in my dreams and melancholy scenes...'

With the idea of unconditional love weaved into it's lyrics, Grace's debut track patches up the uncertainty of loving someone that's moved on, stitching together past memories in 3 minutes of agony, nostalgia and bittersweet feelings. Painting rainy days and distant stares, Grace has the ability to turn bleak scenes into waves of art, a trait in all her music. Paired with embellished melodies, Grace's mature vocals are filled with wisdom and experience, despite only being in her 20s, and the track savours her signature intimate live vocal quality in it's delicate and raw production. You feel wrapped in a knitted blanket in your favourite cosy tea-stained dungarees when listening to 'Familiar', ideal for the wintery weather ahead.

'...but when something doesn't work you write another verse, and the dissonance falls like a thread...'

Something that always stands out to me when hearing Grace's music is her musicianship abilities: the artist is at one with her guitar. Whether it's the fleeting melodies echoed in the guitar arrangement, or the extensive harmonic ideas playing with the emotion of the song, you feel safe in the arms of Grace's writing: everything moving together in one wave. Subtle piano and percussion pull this idea out even further in 'Familiar', keeping the focus on the lyrics but surrounding them with wistful scenes of colour and depth. The arrangement naturally rises and falls together, creating emense choruses and refined verses, carrying through all the way to the final breath of the song. In terms of debut releases, you would never believe that this is only the first track from Grace Elizabeth Harvey: needless to say we are very excited to hear more.


So, there you have it! Enjoy Grace's debut single over and over again below, and check out our 'Mellow Bops' playlist for more...

by Meg Shaw, Local & Live Media

Review No. 31

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