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32: Mid-Week Indie Additions with DREW FRIEL, CHEST, SOLAR JAM, WOTTS...

Keeping you dancing around your house as you listen, we've added four explosive tunes to our 'Fresh Finds' playlist to keep you going this week! Let us introduce you to Drew Friel, Chest, Solar Jam and Wotts...


Drew Friel - Breakfast Bar

'blurring the lines between euphoria and reality'

📍Birkenhead, UK

With nostalgic sounds and dark lyrics, Drew Friel releases his single in 'Breakfast Bar', and with it comes an instant hit of indie-pop attitude. With a laid-back Sunday feel, and contrasting psychedelic synths and drum samples, you get the true feeling of waking up after an eventful night: blurring the lines between euphoria and reality. There's something magic about the unstable yet comforting sounds of this single, everything from the shimmery electric guitar to the lo-fi production balanced perfectly in a parallel universe of distant recollections and swirling vision. Originally from Manchester, but currently residing in Merseyside, Friel has emmersed himself in the North West music scene, and thrives off the bubbling creative world in which he is surrounded by. After releasing 'You Never Give Me ur Money' earlier this year, 2023 is proving the year for all things Drew Friel, and we are excited to hear what comes our way in the future. Released on 28th November 2023.

Chest - Waterslide

'this is just the beginning for the five-piece indie band'

📍Norwich, UK

In a world of reverb-drowned guitars and stadium filling drums, Chest's debut single 'Waterslide' lives peacefully, after being released earlier this month. In an uplifting stint of turning a rainy day into a nostalgic reflection, the band draw upon 90s britpop and guitar-driven tracks of the modern day to create a refreshing sound that's both timeless and cutting edge: a true credit to their talents. The track spirals into a trance of riffs and loops as it transcends - it could be on repeat for hours and you would still pick out new elements each time. As a debut single, 'Waterslide' sheds light on what Chest stands for; from their thought-provoking lyrics and dreamy vocals to their force of togetherness in the band arrangement. After capturing the hearts of their hometown of Norwich, they've recently embarked on a string of sold-out support slots across their stomping ground and the capital, and this is just the beginning for the five-piece indie band. Released on 1st December 2023.

Solar Jam - Lemonade

'mixing elements of funk, rock and pop into a fizz of energy'

📍Birmingham, UK

After bubbling away in the Birmingham music scene for a while now, Solar Jam released their debut single 'Lemonade' at the end of November - your new favourite indie track to see the year out. Mixing elements of funk, rock and pop into a fizz of energy, the power behind the chorus hits you with flavours of Red Hot Chili Peppers and Maroon 5 (and added secret ingredients from Solar Jam themselves). Exploring the reality of the rising price of lemonade, this track is an anthem for the people in a world of inflation; ever-distorted guitars and chanting vocals acting as a call for action. Sonically, the production behind the track is a masterpiece - everything from the worbling synths to the sizzling hats are crystal clear and hit your eardrums like a sour taste hits your taste buds. With a promising future ahead of them, Solar Jam aim to take their self-coined 'Indie Groove' sound to the masses, spreading their infectious choruses and angsty front nationwide and beyond. Released on 17th November 2023.


'a hybrid track of indie-rock and synth-pop that you need to get your ears onto'

📍Ottawa, Canada

Blending the real-world with sounds from a different dimension, Wotts' latest single 'WANNABE' is a hybrid track of indie-rock and synth-pop that you need to get your ears onto. Their second single from upcoming EP 'PETALS', the Canadian duo follow their previous track 'ALLO!' with retro synths and dreamy vocals at the forefront of their music. The listener is left in a state of hypnosis after one round of 'WANNABE', perhaps due to the dance-style piano loops and nostalgic drum machines taking over the airwaves. Self-described as a 'happy sad song', the track does exactly that - blending nostalgia and euphoria into a waiting game of longing, and being heavily inspired by Tame Impala and Pond, Wotts follow closely behind with abilities to create edgy choruses and psychedelic instrumentals. The track is the sixth release for the band this year, and you can hear the extensive experience in their sound as they sign off 2023 with a final hit of energy - with no sign of stopping in the future. Released on 30th November 2023.


If you're liking these tracks, why not add them to your own playlists? Find these four releases, as well as more upbeat bangers, on our 'Fresh Finds' playlist...

by Meg Shaw, Local & Live Media

Review No. 33

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