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With four tracks of infectious pop, Alexander Reed's debut EP 'Between the Lines' is a collection of observations of navigating adulthood, wrapped around flawless production and catchy hooks throughout. After being released at the end of November, the Norwegian-born, Liverpool-based artist has already caught the ears of many listeners, and we are here to spread the tunes even further!


Track One: 'Insecure'

'arguably the catchiest chorus you'll ever experience'

Kicking off the EP with huge synths and soulful vocals, 'Insecure' has been on our radars for a while now after it's single release back in 2022. Everything about this opening track screams feel-good pop, a euphoric introduction to the rest of the EP, with a bouncing bass line and larger-than-life soundscape surrounding arguably the catchiest chorus you'll ever experience. Written around the experiences and growth you get entering your early 20s, Reed's vocals transport you straight to the sticky-floored, neon-lit dancefloors that we grow to know and love, backed with an extensive choir to further that feeling of all going through this crazy experience together. Ridiculously tight and locked in, the effortless production is a masterpiece from Johannes Langeland, who transformed this gem of writing from Reed and placed it right at the top of today's pop standards.

Track Two: 'I Can't Stop'

'that morning after-feeling after the night-before'

A charming laid-back track after the explosive opening, 'I Can't Stop' draws the focus onto Reed's writing and vocal capabilities even more, all instruments tucked perfectly around the vocal-driven track. Giving that morning-after feeling after the night-before, this alt-pop track pairs perfectly with a much needed extra strong coffee, your cosiest jumper and an empty schedule - the playful keys and relatable lyrics your comfort blanket for the day. Reflecting upon someone you thought would be the one, 'I Can't Stop' has that old-school romance feeling laced through it's slow groove and French-spoken telephone-call moment in the bridge. Again, the production keeps this intricate track tight and compact, all thanks to the Langeland magic.

Track Three - 'Liquid Sunshine'

'made for arenas and festival fields, the track captures the exact feeling of being in your early 20s'

The stadium-filling third track to this EP is 'Liquid Sunshine', the second single from Alexander Reed. Packed with audience chants and saxophone solos, it's the pop-anthem cousin of Sam Fender's 'Seventeen Going Under', with the capabilities of following that success very closely behind. A breath of appreciation placed right before the grand finale of the EP as a whole, this third track is placed perfectly within the collection of tunes, offering up an invisible feeling of self-confidence after a break up. Shimmery synths and thundering drums make up 'Liquid Sunshine', making it hard to believe it was written in a flat in Liverpool. Made for arenas and festival fields, the track captures the exact feeling of being in your early 20s, throwing away all the worries in life for 3 minutes of singing your heart out with friends.

Track Four - 'Hurt Us Both'

'the heart-aching tear-jerker track to end the EP'

The staple raw and emotional track to the EP, 'Hurt Us Both' exceeds all its intentions to be the heart-aching tear-jerker track to end 'Between The Lines'. Reflecting falling relationships and past regrets, the dark harmonisation and intimate vocals carry you through pain and suffering, paired with razor-sharp distortion and punching drums towards the latter half of the track. With no effects or instrumentation to hide behind, Reed's crystal-clear vocals are a true credit to his talents in this track, allowing the melodies to soar over the dark soundscape underneath. Showcasing the versatility in Reed's music, this track is a lot grittier and grounded compared to the dancefloor memories of 'Insecure' and laid-back 'I Can't Stop', making the EP as a whole a masterpiece of feelings and conflicting emotion.


Be sure to check out Alexander Reed's 'Between The Lines' EP in full below!

by Meg Shaw, Local & Live Media

Review No. 33

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