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34: BONK! are back with another mind-expanding single 'WAVE'...

After blowing listener's minds away with their debut single 'Nepotism' in March last year, local trailblazers Bonk! are back with their second single 'Wave', released into the wild earlier this week (Friday 12th January 2024). The momentum and energy surrounding this eccentric group of musicians is evolving by the day - with those daring to offer their ears to the Bonk! world left eager and wanting more. Haven't caught the Bonk Bug yet? Let us introduce you...


The physchedelic-funk scene didn't know what was about to hit it when Bonk! entered the room; their infectiously unconventional bass lines and tongue-in-cheek lyrics providing an answer to the ever confusing and messed up world we all live in. 'Wave' is no exception to this formula, the unapologetically cheesy and playful cousin to their angsty debut 'Nepotism'. With exuberant melodies and warbling synths, you're taken round that hidden racecourse that didn't quite make the Mario Kart games (for reasons unknown), complete with pacing drums and cheerful whistles that are impossible to not join in with. Thrown between the cartoon-like verses and the Beach Boys-esque vocals, to the gut-wrenching vocal performance and extensive dynamic range, Bonk! perfectly depict the innocent yet head-spiralling act of the classic boy-meets-girl romance.

'Why must I wave, why can't I just say hi?'

Reflecting on awkward social interactions and confusing emotions, 'Wave' is a universal call for help in a society of mixed signals and taboo. The honest and humbling lyrics put us on the same level as Bonk!, leaving us questioning why newfound love can be so difficult. On writing 'Wave', Bonk! 'wanted to create something [...] sorta cheesy, but in a cool way, the type of tune where you can't help but do a little dance'.

'Every time I open my mouth it sounds rather horrendous...'

The love for music and creativity oozes through every bone in Bonk's body of work, from the colourful sonic palette in their music to their larger-than-life stage presence. Bonk! experiment with sounds and layers effortlessly to create a universe of their own, adding to the charm and personality within the band. You can hear the curiosity and hunger for new musical terrains in their sound, constantly on the hunt for audible nuggets that'll leave their fans well-fed and craving more. Brilliant examples of this live in 'Wave', from their bicycle bell percussion to the face-melting slap bass lines. Despite having a completely different feel to their former single, you understand the sound of Bonk! straight away within these two tracks, their dare-to-be-different attitude tying together two vibrant singles under one umbrella of brilliance.


Do yourselves a favour and go and listen to 'Wave' today, and succumb to the world of Bonk! before everyone else beats you to it! In terms of one's to watch for 2024, these are definitely top contenders.

Review No. 34

by Meg Shaw, Local & Live Media

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