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36: MALANTMEDIA takes the local scene into her own hands...

Here at Local & Live, we LOVE sharing all the amazing artists, creatives and projects that are bubbling away throughout the music industry, in particular, the Liverpool scene. In a slightly different style blog post than usual, we have had the pleasure of sitting down with Mali this week, the founder of MALANTMEDIA, and are here to dive into her work within the scene, and spread the incredible community she has built even further!...


Starting off with the basics... What is 'Malantmedia', and what does it mean to you?

In summary, Malantmedia is an events and artist management company based in the North West - the main aim is to help local-level artists emerge into the music industry by giving them a safe and supportive platform to build from. Malantmedia is proud to represent a diverse range of artists. To me, Malantmedia is all about representing and empowering artists who, simply, just love music! As my company has grown I've started managing and holding more events for female musicians and now I see Malantmedia as a tool to promote local female musicians through my platform and network.

Has there been a key moment with this project that you've really enjoyed?

I've loved hosting my 'Music Revolve' nights (Women In Music nights), it is amazing to watch and support all the female talent in and around Liverpool. The nights have their own atmosphere compared to my other events; they are very wholesome, uplifting nights. It has also been great to have worked with bands when they were first starting out and see them smashing it now - I had Sterling Press play one of my earlier shows when I was just started and they've achieved so much in the past year. Wull is another band that have grown majorly, they played at the 'Emerge Free' festival I held. Even seeing rising 'stars' on the local scene like Gondolas grow so much since starting out is something I really enjoy to see.

Who haven't you worked with within the music scene that you want to work with in the future?

This is a tough question because I feel like there are so many artists I'd love to work with!! I think my top 3 would be Astles - I just really love their music and sound, truly beautiful stuff! Juno is a band that seems to be doing some super cool things at the minute, really love their new single 'Everything I Need'. I also love love love Trout! It would be great to work with any of them.

Tell us about your upcoming plans and events!...

I've got a lot of ideas in the works currently, 2024 seems to be a really big and busy year for me! I've got my first gig of the year on Feb 7th at EBGBS with Loud Women which is a dream collaboration, the artists playing the night are some of my favourites at the minute too. I'm planning another 'Music Revolve' for March 23rd (Keep your eyes peeled for the lineup). I'm also working on a few more artist showcase nights, all to be announced. I've got a lot of work going on in the background management-wise also, lots of really amazing releases to come from some of the artists I work with... I can't say too much as a lot haven't been announced yet haha!

Where can you see Malantmedia in 5 years from now?

5 years from now, I'd like Malantmedia to still be representing the local scene in Liverpool and growing outwards to places like Manchester, Leeds etc. I would like the business to stay true to its core values currently and not shift away from them. I really want Malantmedia to be known for representing women in music!

'...the main aim is to help local-level artists emerge into the music industry by giving them a safe and supportive platform to build from!'

After grasping the sheer amount of energy and passion that Mali puts into Malantmedia, we thought we'd challenge her to a game of TOP CHOICE... so here you have it! A guide to Malantmedia's 'top' choices, currently as it stands at the start of 2024:

Top Local Venues

- Kazimier (and their new one the Kabin!)

- District

- Metrocola

- Round The Corner (Where I held my first gig, such a cute spot!)

Top Singles of 2023

- Dreamz, Isabelle Mettle

- Isn't That Great, Gondolas

- Stuck, Pink Footage

- Join The Club, Tilly Louise

- Shut Up!, Esme Bridie

- Easy, Priya Ragu

Top Upcoming Artists

- Isabelle Mettle


- Esme Bridie

- Ota Brown

Top Independent Businesses

- Baltic Market 

- Pop Boutique

- Cafe Tabac

- The Grapes (especially their jazz nights!)

- 92 Degrees 

Top Gigs You've Ever Been To

- Wolf Alice @ Mountford Hall

- Just Mustard @ Jimmy's

- King Krule @ The Invisible Wind Factory

- The Amazons @ O2 Academy

- Joesef @ O2 Academy


If Malantmedia events sound like a bit of you, then head down to their next gig on 7th February at EBGBs in Liverpool! Ticket link is attached here, and if you are interested in finding out more, @malantmedia is the tag you need for all your socials. See you on the 7th Feb!

Review No. 36

by Meg Shaw, Local & Live Media

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