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37: New Music Friday: ONBAR, D'Z, SEASONAL FALLS, MARiMARi and JAY SPICER...

After living off the dreaded Mariah Carey and Michael Bublé discographies for the past month, New Music Fridays are back in full swing this week with a load of new submissions in our inbox! Here's five tracks we've been loving... all available for you to stream to your heart's content on our Local & Live Media Playlists from today!


MARiMARi - No Regrets (Fresh Finds)

'a perfect snapshot of teenage rebellion'

📍Liverpool, UK

Returning to Local & Live Media with an explosive release, MARiMARi's latest 'No Regrets' confirms the fact that she is indeed the master of all things hyper-pop. With fizzy synths and bubbling percussion, this exploration of sexuality and self-expression is a perfect snapshot of teenage rebellion: the product of growing up on all things Charli XCX and J-Pop. The genius pairing of real-world distorted guitar with timeless 808 drums shows the versatility in MARiMARi's writing, using old and new influences to create a completely new wave of sounds and feelings, whilst the clarity in the vocal delivery puts this right into the alt-pop mainstream that's spreading contagiously across the charts. After having the ever-catchy 'Itaba-Cho' stuck in my head since it's release earlier last year, 'No Regrets' is the perfect refill of MARiMARi's sound, feeding the sugary cravings with even more energy and feel-good futuristic production. (Released 19th January 2024).

Onbar - Natty Wine (Nothing but Groove)

'oozes soul and passion'

📍San Jose, USA

Painting the late-night scene of first glances in a candle-lit, smoky-roomed wine bar, Onbar's latest single 'NATTY WINE' oozes soul and passion. Hitting us with sultry wah-pedal guitars and a ridiculously tight rhythm section as soon as you press play, lovers of Silk Sonic and Childish Gambino will find their new favourite track in this single, complete with it's intimate vocals and pristine production. Written, performed and produced by himself, Onbar hits the sweet spot between RnB and pop perfectly, a true testament to his musical abilities; not to mention the sleek transitions through verses and chorus that are crafted effortlessly to turn this under-three-minute track into a mystique experience. After finding success in previous 2023 releases 'If I Could' and 'wakin' up next to you', 'NATTY WINE' carries on from Onbar's sound that we've grown to know and love, each track proving more and more that the artist truly lives and breathes all things music. (Released 19th January 2024).

D'Z - Something New (Nothing but Groove)

'this track was born out of nothing but pure passion'

📍Arnhem, Netherlands

Heading straight into our Nothing but Groove Playlist, d'Z provides us with a burst of feel good retro-soul in his latest release 'Something New', released at the end of 2023. With an uplifting groove and face-melting funk licks thrown in perfect measure, the drummer/composer/producer/arranger genius uses his extensive knowledge and background in jazz and pop to create a hybrid funk track of stabs, harmonic magic and rhythmic brilliance, with a euphoric message of walking on the positive side of life. Quacky guitars and a heart-warming hammond organ make this track infectious from the get-go, a feeling of togetherness and harmony in a world of conflict and despair, something d'Z strives to portray throughout his music. From the ensemble of singers to the guilty-pleasure drum solo, you can tell that the origin of this track was born out of nothing but pure passion and enjoyment for performing: you lose yourself in the music from the very beginning. Let this track soundtrack your day, and you're guaranteed a happier, sunnier life. (Released 1st December 2023).

Seasonal Falls - Happy Dayz (Mellow Bops)

'comforting, mesmerising and perfectly melancholic'

📍Lucerne, Switzerland

The perfect addition to our 'Mellow Bops' playlist, Seasonal Falls grace us with delicate vocals and rippling acoustic guitar in their latest release 'Happy Dayz', a perfect track of reflection to start a fresh 2024. A first glimpse into their debut EP coming out later this year, this indie-folk track sinks into the simplicities of life, with an uplifting melody complimenting the nostalgic production. Everything from the ethereal instrumentation to the detailed cover art shows the intricacies of nature and the world we live in, the track itself an oasis of calm amongst the chaos of everyday life. Roman and Andrew, who make up Seasonal Falls, draw upon their 90s upbringing to create their distinctive sound that carries through all the work they create, effortless harmony and raw lyrical content being key features to both this track, and the former 'Reach for Nearby' from November last year. Comforting, mesmerising and perfectly melancholic, 'Happy Dayz' is a staple January track for all your playlists. (Released 5th January 2024).

JAY SPICER - Maybe it's You (Fresh Finds)

'pop-rock goodness'

📍Cornwall/Liverpool, UK

After hearing the live version of this track on our live session/podcast in 2023, I was delighted to see Jay Spicer's 'Maybe it's You' single release this week, carrying on from earlier singles 'Lost', 'In Time' and 'Three Steps Down' to complete the artist's discography so far. Delving into the struggles of attachment in a digital age, Jay's songwriting paints a picture of longing and despair, wrapped in distorted guitars and a stadium-filling piano arrangement, before breaking down it's larger-than-life production to an intimate outro of raw vocals. A credit to the artist's versatility, the track's dynamic range plays with the emotional turmoil in the song's theme, with Jay's vocals at the forefront of it all. With two feet firmly on the grounds of pop-rock goodness, 'Maybe it's You' is a strong contender for one of my favourite Jay Spicer releases so far. (Released 19th January 2024).


As always, be sure to follow our official playlists to keep up to date with everything we're listening to, and stay tuned on our blog site to catch the reviews!

Review No. 37

by Meg Shaw, Local & Live Media

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