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38: We 'KIND OF LIKED' TONIA's latest single, and we think you will too...

Updated: Jan 26

A regular favourite on various Radio 1 shows and multiple nationwide playlists, I'm sure you've come across Tonia's mesmerising music before, with staple tracks 'Why', 'Afloat' and 'Flux' among many others creating swirls of RnB-pop like no other. The artist's latest release 'I Kind Of Liked It' is no exception to this collection of masterpieces, complete with ever-soulful vocals and immaculate production that's become synonymous with Tonia's sound. We kind of liked it... and we think you will too.


Captivating our ears right from the beginning, spiralling synths and lo-fi guitars take you to a place of wonder and longing in 'I Kind of Liked It', paired with the intimate whisper-vocals and dreamy melodies that we've become accustomed to when indulging in Tonia's works. After being placed perfectly within a sonic bed of candy-pink clouds in the verse, you're grounded with the gentle ticking of percussion and waves of vocal pads as you transcend into the ethereal chorus, Tonia's soaring melody softening the landing as you fall. Less than three minutes in it's entirety, this instant burst of chill-pop flies through the highs and lows of moving on from someone, leaving you with a playful but bittersweet outro that plays on repeat in your head hours after the track has finished.

'forgive but don't forget the messages...'

Written around the idea of forgiveness and letting go, this track captures our hearts with beautifully introspective lyrics - again, something Tonia has become a master of. Growing from a reflective state of mind in the verses to an empowering chorus, the track feels deeply personal yet universally understood, brought to attention even more so with the chorus of voices joining in during the latter half of the journey. On writing the song, Tonia says that the track 'came from a discussion when [she] was on a drive with [her] best mate... about the moment you realise that even though someone’s hurt you, sometimes it’s easier to forgive them to free yourself! It’s accepting that people make mistakes and sometimes it’s nothing personal and you shouldn’t get buried under the weight of the hurt anymore.'

'then I heard your song, and I kind of liked it too...'

Safely in the hands of Tarek Musa on the production, and co-writing with close friend ZANDER, the bubble of talent Tonia sits in allows her personality to come across effortlessly within her tracks, this latest release a perfect example. Even if listening on the other side of the world, listening to Tonia's music makes you feel like you've had a well-needed catch up with a long-distant friend, her ability to show vulnerability the catalyst for this. For those of you soundtracking your lives with 'Peach' and 'Our Generation' playlists, get to know Tonia's discography, it's made for you.


If you've been mesmerised by all things Tonia in the past, or have just discovered her during this blog post, then make sure to go and stream 'I Kind Of Liked It' to your heart's content!... ooh, and if you're around Nottingham at the weekend, Tonia will be playing 'Beat the Streets' on Sunday 28th January.

Review No. 38

by Meg Shaw, Local & Live Media

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