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Friday is our favourite day of the week here at Local & Live Media: the weekend is closing in, everyone's in feel-good mode, and we can sit back and reflect on this week's releases! Here's 5 tracks that we've been listening to, all making their way to our 'Mellow Bops' playlist this week...


Amelia - Gravity (Mellow Bops)

'a sudden burst of pop that leaves a long-term impact on your hearts'

📍Liverpool, UK

For lovers of Taylor Swift and Maisie Peters, it won't be long until you come across Amelia amongst the stars of today, and with her latest release 'Gravity', that wait won't be long at all. After already capturing the hearts of BBC Introducing, Illustrate Magazine, Right Chord Music and ourselves here at Local & Live Media, Amelia uses her story-telling lyricism and powerhouse vocals to create soundtracks of newfound love and big city dreams - this latest release no exception. Drawing upon vulnerabilities and uncertainties, 'Gravity' is a humbling take on knocking down those barriers around your heart when welcoming in new relationships in life; the ear-worm choruses and journalistic lyrics making the track undeniably relatable to anyone listening. With dreamy chord extensions and a powerful bridge section, Amelia's writing abilities are highlighted in this under-three-minute track - a sudden burst of pop that leaves a long-term impact on your hearts (and your minds... the chorus is INFECTIOUSLY catchy). (Released 25th January 2024).

Richie Paisley - I Love the Way (Mellow Bops)

'for anyone struggling to express their feelings for that special someone - your answer is in this track'


With a delicate soundscape of acoustic guitar ripples and ethereal piano countermelodies, Richie Paisley's latest release 'I Love The Way' is a beautifully innocent take on true love; complete with hopeful lyrics and heartwarming harmonies. Weaving pop and folk into a bouquet of fresh air, Richie creates a memorable chorus with his impressive vocal range highlighted in the melody, whilst his songwriting abilities allow the track to flow effortlessly from introspective verses to a reflective bridge section. 'I Love The Way' slots perfectly into Richie's collection of former tracks 'Funny' and 'Coffee Man': his ability to provide a moment of escape in our ever-evolving modern world a constant factor in his music. This track should be in everyone's future February playlists, and for anyone struggling to express their feelings for that special someone - your answer is in this track. (Released on 26th January 2024).

Ben Stafford - the pink and blue (Mellow Bops)

'a collection of sonic swirls and splatters'

📍Lancashire, UK

With hypnotising synths and raw vocals, it's no question why Ben Stafford's track 'the pink and blue' made it into our Mellow Bops playlist this week. Having crafted a collection of sonic swirls and splatters into a wave of reflection and emotion, the track plays with the intricacies of each instrument to provide us with a deep pool of ever-growing sounds and feelings, a true credit to the talent behind the track. Ben Howard's bass player Mickey Smith features on this release, nurturing the low-end frequencies with expertise, whilst Ben Stafford's multi-instrumentalist background and mesmerising vocals tie the track together in 3 minutes 40 seconds of alt-folk goodness. Adding to his impressive backlog of singles, EPs and albums, this is just the start for the artist's 2024 endeavours, with an upcoming album 'thoughts and feelings' in the pipeline for later this year. (Released 19th January 2024).

Sophie Breton - Nota Bene (Mellow Bops)

'a message of comfort carved on a wise, overgrown tree of knowledge'

📍Quebec City, Canada

Mixing chill-pop tendencies with folk intricacies, 'Nota Bene' is a melting pot of hope and nostalgia found in our Mellow Bops playlist this week, submitted by Canadian artist Sophie Breton. In hopes to keep listeners present in a world of planning for the future and dwelling on the past, this delicate track boasts a palette of haunting echoes and warm guitars, all aspects of instrumentation perfectly placed in a soundscape of detail and focus. Almost hearing the creaks in the guitar wood, and the breath of the intimate vocals, 'Nota Bene' is authentic and genuine: a message of comfort carved on a wise, overgrown tree of knowledge. Leading on perfectly from the artist's former single 'Slow Driver', Sophie Breton spans all aspects of the pop world of today, delving into different feelings and styles to portray all parts of her life in an array of sonic snippets, collected together under one roof in her upcoming album later this year. (Released 12th January 2024).

Georgie Weston - Sad Centenarian (Mellow Bops)

'the perfect dose of existentialism for any rainy day nostalgia'

📍Liverpool, UK

Pulling inspiration from glam rock and Claude Debussy, 'Sad Centenarian' is the perfect dose of existentialism for any rainy day nostalgia. Reflecting on the current and future state of the world one hundred years from now, Georgie Weston crafts a message of realisation and curiosity weaved in epic choruses and dreamy harmonies, two elements that make up the Georgie Weston Sound that we've grown to love over the past few releases. With nods to Beethoven and The Beatles in his lyrics, Georgie draws upon how drastically the world changes before our eyes, and predicts the heartbreaking yet inevitable happenings in our not-too-distant future years. At just over five minutes in length, we are transported through luscious string orchestras, face-melting bass lines and effortless verse grooves in constantly evolving sections of the track: adding to the feeling of reliving a life we've yet to experience. In terms of Georgie Weston's releases, this is our favourite from him yet, and we are excited to hear the full EP experience next week! For those in Liverpool, get down to his headline release gig at The Kaz on 1st Feb, you won't be disappointed. (Released on 19th January 2024).


If you've enjoyed these five Mellow Bops this week, then be sure to follow our playlist to stay updated with all things new indie-folk, soft-pop and heart-wrenching lyrics.

Review No. 39

by Meg Shaw, Local & Live Media

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