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41: All the latest from LUNA KELLER, CAM WILSON, FUR TRADER and TOM ELLIOT...

As January draws to a close, we thought we'd recap over some tunes that have been released over the past few weeks! From Local & Live favourite LUNA KELLER to a debut release from TOM ELLIOT, these are four tracks that you should be listening to this week...


Luna Keller - Swallow The Sea

'intricately produced and flawlessly performed'

📍Cologne, Germany

From ethereal soundscapes and warped vocal effects, you can't get more magical than Luna Keller's latest release 'Swallow The Sea', the fourth instalment of the artist's concept album 'Ocean Inside of Me'. After being captivated by one of their previous singles 'Invisible Wars', I've been keeping track of the monthly releases from Luna, each track chipping away at the mystical and enchanting world she creates with her music. With a darker theme, 'Swallow The Sea' depicts the struggles of mental health, and the shame that comes with it, portrayed delicately with internal voices and solemn melody hooks. Luna has a talent for dealing with difficult topics whilst still keeping a message of motivation and hope, shown beautifully in this track's chorus. Yearning string arrangements, endless layers of guitar and heart-wrenching lyrics make up the strong foundations for this track, each intricately produced and flawlessly performed, whilst the accompanying video and single artwork carry on from previous tracks to help narrate the journey between the lines. (Released 26th January 2024).

Cam Wilson - The Time EP

'a bubble of both melancholy and optimism'

📍Aukland, New Zealand

For lovers of indie-folk, look no further than Cam Wilson's debut EP 'The Time' - an amalgamation of reflective stories and introverted writing. Drawing upon artists such as Bon Iver and Ben Howard, Cam Wilson's sound follows closely behind with immaculate production and soulful vocals, tied up in a coherent body of work in this EP. From the nostalgia weaved in the lines of the opening track 'Time', to the depths of the 'Between the Vines' interlude, you sink into lapping acoustic guitars and picturesque synths in this 4-track collection, each track diving into different corners of Wilson's artistry: memorable melody lines and waves of intricate guitar parts drawing you into the world of Cam Wilson himself. Originating from New Zealand, this EP was produced by fellow Kiwi Brydon Hulse in London, and both talents draw upon sounds whilst travelling and anxieties whilst navigating through life to inspire the EP - the result being a bubble of both melancholy and optimism. (Released 26th January 2024).

Fur Trader - Exit Signs

'a time capsule of thought-provoking lyrics and accessible melodies'

📍Los Angeles, USA

With a lilting groove, delicate vocals and a nostalgic front, Fur Trader's latest single 'Exit Signs' is a perfect addition to our Mellow Bops playlist this week. Encapsulating lo-fi indie-folk to it's full potential, Andrew (the mastermind behind Fur Trader) draws upon timeless musicians such as Gene Clark, Sufjan Stevens and David Bazan in his sound to keep their beloved styles present in the modern world, combining sounds from multiple decades in a time capsule of thought-provoking lyrics and accessible melodies. 'Exit Signs' is a reflective track, paired with power pop harmonies, innovative sounds and an energetic bass line to continue this recognisable sound of Fur Trader, it's lazy-sunday feel making it the perfect soundtrack for a cup of tea on a winter morning. It's laid-back chorus is a particularly poignant recurring moment in the track, with humble lyrics adding to the authenticity of the song and artist as a whole. Safe to say we will be looking out for future releases in the future from this artist! (Released 17th January 2024).

Tom Elliot - Slowly Sinking

'oozes angst and conflicting emotions'

📍Salford, UK

Heading straight into our 'Fresh Finds' playlist, DIY indie-punk artist Tom Elliot's debut single 'Slowly Sinking' oozes angst and conflicting emotions. Crafted in his bedroom in Salford, distorted guitars and raw vocals are at the forefront of this energetic track, whilst the lyrics depict the loss of friends due to troubled lives. Placed perfectly within the timeless genre of 90s coming-of-age punk and the modern day bedroom-produced approach, 'Slowly Sinking' is the perfect track for blaring out the speakers in your room when no one else is home. With the ability to capture the listener's attention with infectious melodies and a snappy opening riff, the track effortlessly transitions through different grooves and intensities to portray the turbulent lifestyle and challenging upbringing in the song's subject, all building into an explosive final chorus. With a background playing in multiple bands, 'Slowly Sinking' promising first solo release from Tom Elliot, and we are eager to hear more in the future. (Released 22nd January 2024).


Go and follow our three official playlists here if you haven't already, and discover your new favourite artists and bands today!

Review No. 41

by Meg Shaw, Local & Live Media

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