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43: Kickstart your February with new MOTEL SUNDOWN, LAZY SUNDAZE, LUCY STARR, BUNNY ALEX and RAE CHARLEA...

Whether you're looking for high energy tracks to keep you going this February, or maybe something a bit more mellow to soundtrack the end of winter, find your new favourite releases down below! Here's 5 tracks you should be listening to this weekend, all released this week...


Motel Sundown - Lost Time

'a force to be reckoned with'

📍Liverpool, UK

Honing into their Americana influence, Motel Sundown's latest masterpiece 'Lost Time' is a burst of energy and grit. Everything from their staple three-part harmonies, foot-tapping tempo and growling guitar licks drive forward in an invincible force throughout the track, with enough power to fill the Opry with ease. Transporting you to a world of leather boots, fringed-jackets and whiskey-infused dance halls, 'Lost Time' is a time capsule of a lost era, brought to life with Motel Sundown's unforgettable sound. Karen, Naomi and Robert are a well-known force to be reckoned with, their writing showcased to perfection in this ever-evolving track of soaring melodies and reflective lyrics. Following on from the entrancing 'Midnight Blue' single of late 2023, 'Lost Time' offers a feeling of hope after the dreaminess of it's former release, leaving us eager to hear more from the highly established band. With live dates in Liverpool and London in April, make sure to go and live the Motel Sundown Experience this year. (Released 2nd February 2024).

Lazy Sundaze - The Fight

'Lazy Sundaze are becoming staples in the Liverpool catalyst of upcoming music'

📍Liverpool, UK

Firing head-first into our 'Fresh Finds' playlist, Lazy Sundaze's third single 'The Fight' swung onto our radars this week, complete with hard-hitting chants and vigorous drums proving that this band aren't one to mess with. Self-produced by their lead singer Declan, it's hard to believe that this venue-filling, speaker-blasting indie-rock track was in fact recorded in a home studio set up - the momentum of the track carrying the power to expand minds and tear up anything in it's path. From the blaring sirens to finger-bled guitars, it's clear that the well-fed diet of fellow North West indie bands have fuelled this rebellion, Lazy Sundaze becoming staples in the Liverpool catalyst of upcoming music. With plans to champion the infectious epidemic of indie-rock that's ever-growing in their scene, you can catch them alongside some like-minded support acts at The Zanzibar on Friday 2nd Feb (today if you're quick!). (Released on 2nd February 2024).

Bunny Alex - Soft Spot

'a soundtrack for modern-day romance, complete with all it's butterfly feelings and warped perception'

📍Liverpool, UK

Transporting us to a mystical world of shimmery lights and blurry vision, 'Soft Spot' is a floating bubble of optimism and newfound love from bedroom-pop artist Bunny Alex. With a snappy chorus and eternal layers of synths and soundscapes, the artist follows on perfectly from her 2023 single 'Easy Game', with her quirky and playful front becoming a constant throughout her discography. The most vulnerable of her work so far, 'Soft Spot' draws on the likes of MUNA and Taylor Swift to give us a soundtrack for modern-day romance, complete with all it's butterfly feelings and warped perception. Decorated with sugar-sweet harmonies, introverted lyrics and glistening production, 'Soft Spot' is a promising release from Bunny Alex, and leaves us with a sweet-tooth craving for more. (Released 2nd February 2024).

Rae Charlea - Father

'Rae calls upon her haunting vocals and subdued acoustic guitar to craft a track of elegance and emotion'

📍Melbourne, Australia

Encompassing a more vulnerable, delicate side of her sound, indie-folk track 'Father' is the latest release from British-Australian artist Rae Charlea. Reflecting on a turbulent relationship with her father, Rae calls upon her haunting vocals and subdued acoustic guitar to craft a track of elegance and emotion, and with help from long-term producer Zak, creates a poignantly stripped back escape amongst her grittier previous releases of last year. Drawing upon tracks that delve into the souls of artists, and the likes of Holly Humberstone and Mazzy Star to back her up, 'Father' slots perfectly into the ever-growing resurgence of alt-pop that we are seeing resurface in recent times, allowing Rae Charlea to explore her sound and artistry further in each track she releases. Already with a surplus of 12,000 streams on former work, Rae Charlea hopes to exceed expectations with 'Father', and with a UK tour later this month (including dates in London, Glasgow, Liverpool and Birkenhead), Rae's music is on track for international takeover any day from now. (Released 2nd February 2024).

Lucy Starr - Pull The Rug

'Starr creates her own path of rediscovery in 'Pull The Rug''

📍Liverpool, UK

Skyrocketing melodies, empowering lyrics and the classic indie-rock band set up make up the star-studded release 'Pull The Rug' from Liverpool-based Lucy Starr. Rebelling away from her former sound, propelling guitar lines and arena-filling drums fire this track straight into our 'Fresh Finds' playlist, Lucy Starr herself proving that she is capable of many styles and genres. Recorded at the world-renowned Motor Museum Studios in the well-concentrated music scene of Liverpool, Starr creates her own path of rediscovery in 'Pull The Rug', written around being blind-sighted in a romantic relationship. With BBC Introducing, Amazing Radio and many local radio shows hot on her tail, you'll want to jump on the Lucy Starr bandwagon as soon as possible, before she's hit the mainstream and it's too late. (Released 1st February 2024).


Five tracks to cure any new music hungers this Friday, you can find these artists amongst many others over on our Local & Live Media Playlists below. As always, keep listening, sharing, and discovering new upcoming music - and if you can, go and check them out live!

Review No. 43

by Meg Shaw, Local & Live Media

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