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44: Escape reality with a double debut from CORIN...

Drawn from teenaged angst, romance and redemption, CORIN's music has captured the hearts of everyone who's had the pleasure of hearing her gig over the past few years. For those who've been craving that 24/7 CORIN hit, the artist has release a double-sided debut single this week, entitled 'what i want with you and i...' - and we are here to dive right in and see what it's all about!


Track 1: what i want with you

'a constellation of poetry crafted together into a tale of infatuation'

Mesmerising us with spellbound vocals and dreamy production, CORIN's 'what i want with you' is a captivating take on romance and longing served on an RnB-pop platter. Drowned in vast layers of synths and a cosmic piano backbone, you spiral around the thoughts and feelings of the artist's journal; an introspective take on escaping the world with that special someone. Lyrically, the track holds both moments of innocence and perception - a constellation of poetry crafted together into a tale of infatuation. Drifting between the warmth of her low-range vocals with the soaring falsetto charms scattered amongst the melody lines, CORIN has the ability to hold you floating in mid-air on a bed of clouds with her vocals: both on stage, and in the studio with this track. Pairing this timeless voice with a complex soundscape sets this track out from the rest, the masterminds of Charlie Carr and Fraser Moran handling the production with wisdom and wonder.

Track 2: and i...

'a hidden gem buried in endless harmonies and a rose-tinted filter'

After capturing a glance at CORIN's world in 'what i want with you', you zoom into a moment of delicacy in the second track 'and i...', placed perfectly between vulnerability and confusion. Another taster of what's to come from the artist, this 2 minute 18 second track is a hidden gem buried in endless harmonies and a rose-tinted filter, vocals glistening through it all at the forefront of the mix. Exploring the complexities of moving on from someone whilst making room for someone new, CORIN's lyrics are exposed and untampered; beautifully honest and heartbreakingly real. Again with the dream team of producers, this second track continues the impressive streak of quality and professionalism also found in the well-established mainstream artists of today, leaving space for CORIN to step up and slot right in.


Do yourself a favour and listen to CORIN's debut release today, you'll be left mesmerised and wanting more. To make it even easier for you, we've linked the body of work down below, and you can check out the artist's socials @itsmecorin to find out more.

Review No. 44

by Meg Shaw, Local & Live Media

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