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45: New releases from KERRY FEENEY, and TOM COLLINS...

As Friday approaches and the weekend is in sight, we round up all the tunes we've been listening to, and all the tracks we've been waiting for, and compile a list of essentials for your weekend soundtracks. Here's this week's - all thanks to Kerry Feeney and Tom Collins:


Kerry Feeney - Good Girl Guilt

'your self-growth go-to track for 2024'

📍Warrington, UK

Bursting with energy, powerhouse vocals and infectious 80s synths, Kerry Feeney's late-January single 'Good Girl Guilt' is your self-growth go-to track for 2024. Reflecting on heartache and letting people walk over you, Feeney's vulnerability shines through this alt-pop track in a potion of catchy melodies, arena-filling drums and glistening production: the perfect remedy for anyone who feels disrespected or used in a past relationship. Despite the dark and unsettled theme, the track is uplifting and motivating, choosing to focus on self-care and self-love rather than dwell on past wounds - something everyone can connect with. After previous release 'Narcissist' in mid-2022, it's clear Feeney has been honing into her sound over the past year and a half; keeping true to her vibrant stage presence, effortless vocal capabilities and talent for writing tracks of comfort and relatability for her listeners. (Released 31st January 2024).

Tom Collins - Barricades

'thought-provoking, powerful and cinematic'

📍Flintshire, North Wales

Thought-provoking, powerful and cinematic, Tom Collins' latest release 'Barricades' is a dynamic take on navigating the current state of the world - complete with soaring melodies and broad string arrangements to paint a picture of anger and revolt. The ever-growing force of this track bubbles between captivating acoustic guitar and light percussion before building into a mammoth soundscape at the end of the track, ending with a call-to-arms message to bring listeners together against the modern world. With an indie-rock heart, and gigs alongside RATS, The Sherlocks and The View under his belt, Tom has found his place within the upcoming guitar-led scene, and there's no sign of him stopping anytime soon. After being on our radar for a while now, and after the artist's former release 'Casting Smiles' catching our attention, 'Barricades' is greatly received. (Released 9th February 2024).


You can find these two tracks, alongside other Local & Live Media Approved releases, in our 3 Spotify playlists linked below:

Review No. 45

by Meg Shaw, Local & Live Media

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