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46: Mid-week additions from CÉCIE, IDLE LIES, REDBOOK, WOTTS and FRANCIS ALBAN BLAKE...

For lovers of discovering music, did you know our Local & Live Media Playlists get updated EVERY SINGLE DAY?! As soon as we find a great new tune, in it goes: either to our chilled 'Mellow Bops' collection, upbeat 'Fresh Finds', or infectiously groovy 'Nothing but Groove' playlist. Want to know our latest additions? Look no further: here's 5 new tracks that have been added into our playlist this week...


CÉCIE - Cry Baby (My oh my)

'unleash your inner alter ego'

📍Liverpool, UK/Budapest, Hungary


Nostalgic to the 2010s-era of power pop, CÉCIE blends infectious hooks and attitude-filled lyrics in her latest release 'Cry Baby (My oh my)', released earlier this month. With a playful array of synths and vocal effects, this burst of pop takes you back to the glitter-coated, strobe-lit concerts that shaped the artists of today; a healthy diet of Lady Gaga and Tove Lo influencing this unapologetically mainstream sound. After growing up in Hungary before moving to Liverpool to pursue music, CÉCIE is no stranger to living the pop-star life: with experience on The Voice and Eurovision pre-comp under her belt - this debut release 'Cry Baby' is an amalgamation of years of blood, sweat and tears wrapped up into 3 minutes of eclectic energy. Written around navigating toxic relationships, unleash your inner alter ego with this debut single. (Released 9th February 2024).

Idle Lies, Abigail Sherratt - Shameless

'you can hear years of sweaty practice rooms and sticky-floored grassroot venues in Idle Lies' sound'

📍North Wales, UK


The soundtrack to those sunny winter walks, melt the cold away with rock-pop guitars and reflective lyrics in Idle Lies and Abigail Sherratt's collaboration track 'Shameless'. Drawing upon the timeless sounds of The Smiths, Dire Straits and The Jam, soaring guitar countermelodies and a heart-on-the-sleeve chorus build the foundations of this track, whilst the pristine production and elegant vocals place it right into the modern-day uprising of new indie music. With a humble and authentic front, you can hear years of sweaty practice rooms and sticky-floored grassroot venues in Idle Lies' sound, staying true to their North West upbringing and local bands Catfish and The Lathums to help guide them in the right direction. Packed with feel-good energy and a sense of togetherness, reflect on hopeless infatuation with 'Shameless', and get to know their extensive backlog of releases if you haven't already. (Released 9th February 2024).

redbook - SHOUT

'REDBOOK are a well-oiled machine producing genre-bending sounds and unique creative charms in their work'

📍Brighton, UK


Blending elements of folk, rock and alt-pop into a masterpiece of catastrophic soundscapes and powerful vocal melodies, REDBOOK released their latest single 'SHOUT' this month, and we can't get enough of it. With anxiety-driven glitches and heart-jumping time signature changes throughout, the Brighton-based duo etch the scene of a panic attack into our brains; gritty synths and endless layers of vocals spiralling into a whirlwind of heightened emotion and breathlessness. Both with an extensive musical background, and a chance first meeting outside their local cinema, REDBOOK are a well-oiled machine producing genre-bending sounds and unique creative charms in their work, 'SHOUT' being a perfect example of this. Cinematic string sections, rich vocals and a detailed focus on the production give this track a razor-sharp edge compared to the bubble-pop mainstream of today, the duo not afraid of breaking the rules and paving new paths for any future ambitious artists that dare to follow. (Released 2nd February 2024).

Wotts - PETALS

''PETALS' oozes drama and existentialism'

📍Ottawa, Canada


After catching the Wotts-bug in November of last year with former release 'WANNABE', we've been hungry for more psychedelic indie-pop from the Canadian duo, and that day has finally arrived! The final release to their 3-track EP, this title track 'PETALS' hits us with an energetic bass line and driving drums from the get-go, a sense of urgency and frustration in the vocals rounding up the emotional rollercoaster that the EP has taken us through. Experimenting with mind-altering synth effects and electro-pop influences, 'PETALS' oozes drama and existentialism - blending both retro and contemporary production qualities to put their tunes above the rest. From the dense chorus melody to the contrasting sultry string lines, everything works together in harmony to create a realistic portrayal of navigating romantic life. The final credit-scene soundtrack to their trilogy of releases, Wotts reflect on the never-ending cycle of hopeless romantics in 'PETALS': the realisation that maybe this relationship isn't meant to be. (Released 9th February 2024).

Francis Alban Blake - Truth

'this track is a moment of hope and fantasy in a world of darkness'

📍Amsterdam, Netherlands


The most delicate of these mid-week additions, Francis Alban Blake's latest release 'Truth' floats effortlessly into our 'Mellow Bops' playlist this week. With subtle harmonic nuances and mystical lyrics, you're transported to a deep forest of evergreen trees and rustling leaves when drowning in this alt-folk track, Francis' intimate vocals whispering in your ear as he guides you through his ethereal tale of longing. At first a minimalist approach, before becoming mesmerised with the faint harmonies and wave of guitar layers, the artist proves that you don't need shiny new toys and a huge stage presence to create masterpieces - 'Truth' bubbling away in it's own lane of poetry and picturesque moments. Like a single beam of sunlight cutting through the tangled ceiling of branches and tree trunks, this track is a moment of hope and fantasy in a world of darkness; comforting vocals softening your landing as you fall into the Alice in Wonderland portal the artist has created. (Released 10th February 2024).


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Review No. 46

by Meg Shaw, Local & Live Media

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