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47: FRIMANN has our hearts with latest single HAPPIER WHEN...

For centuries, we've been hunting for an artist that has Valentine's Day like Mariah Carey has Christmas... and we may have just found the answer in FRIMANN. The self-coined King of this romantic holiday, this Norwegian-born, Liverpool-based artist is known for heartwarming lyrics, visceral bass lines and an ever-energetic stage presence, and he's returned for his third Valentine's Day release this week: entitled 'Happier When'.


If you've been keeping up with Local & Live Media over the past few years, you know we fell for the contagious hooks and infectious energy of FRIMANN a long time ago - from our radio days to our showcase gigs. FRIMANN has been grinding away with music videos, collaborations, international gigs and single releases for years now, each one sharing a glimpse into his life and sound. 'Happier When' is the the third episode of his queer valentine's love stories collection, and with it we delve into arguably one of the most vulnerable tracks to date. A eulogy to heartbreak wrapped in delicate vocals and lulling synths, this modern-day pop ballad preaches self-love and self-respect when moving on from past relationships - the perfect audible hug for anyone struggling with this rose-coloured, chocolate filled holiday of love.

'walking through the memories of us, I see them turn into dust...'

Our first glimpse at what 2024 FRIMANN has to offer, we are greeted with intimate vocals painting the scenes of a turbulent break up at the start of the track. Contrasting to the groove-filled 'How I Like It' and explosive 'Last King Alive' of previous releases, 'Happier When' highlights the versatility in the artist's vocals, and we know we are in safe hands as we transcend into the soaring chorus melody and ever-dreamy soundscape that comes with it. FRIMANN has a talent for writing lyrics that are both raw and realistic, the verses of this track in particular painting scenes that everyone has experienced at some point in their life.

'Think I'll be happier when you're not in my head no more...'

Throughout the first half of the track, we float from cloud to cloud in the company of subtle harmonies and reflective lyrics, before landing two feet on the ground into the uplifting bridge section. That feeling of dancing around your bedroom to THAT 00s heartbreak ballad (we've all got one we're thinking of), the bridge oozes smudged make-up and tearing up old photos of the past - your favourite coming-of-age film soundtrack. After letting all your emotions pour out in the bridge, one final chorus solidifies the realisation that you're better off without that someone, leaving you with nothing but pride and acceptance as the track draws to a close.

A true testament to his presence within the local music scene, you can hear the collaboration between the artist, the band, and the choir in this track - personality and professionalism lining every element of not only this song, but his whole discography. Everything FRIMANN produces has his heart poured into it, years of craftsmanship and hard work amalgamating into bursts of art that awaiting fans can indulge in. 'Happier When' takes a deeply personal storyline that many wouldn't dare to share, and moulds it into a piece of beauty - and we are already queueing up to hear the next Valentine's track for next year.


Check out 'Happier When' in full below, and do yourself a favour and add it into all your playlists for future you to sing out. Want to hear it live? Kazimier Stockroom, 18th February, headline show, see you there.

Review No. 47

by Meg Shaw, Local & Live Media

Photos and Artwork by Cornelia Nygaard

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