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48: All the latest from BONK, SATIN GREEN, DUKE KEATS and FLYNT...

February has been INCREDIBLE for new tunes so far, and we've been spoilt for choice when it comes to our submission box. Here's 4 tracks we've been digging recently from FLYNT, Duke Keats, Bonk and Satin Green... guaranteed to put a spring in your step this weekend!:


FLYNT - Calling U Back

'your perfect anti-Valentine's anthem'

📍Liverpool/Cumbria, UK


If you still haven't got over this particular band's 2023 release 'Westside' back in September (we certainly haven't), you may want to take a day off to fully digest FLYNT's latest masterpiece 'Calling U Back' - written as your perfect anti-Valentine's anthem this year. This Liverpool/Cumbria based 4-piece have been Local & Live favourites for a while now, each release proving even more why we love their infectious indie-pop sound and modern-day romance theme tunes. 'Calling U Back' is a love letter to anyone struggling to leave a toxic relationship, encapsulating everything the band stands for perfectly: their journalistic writing and tight-knit harmonies as an open-arm hug to anyone finding Valentine's season difficult this year. No strangers to a snappy melody, this track exceeds all qualities needed to be labelled a Catchy Chorus, with added telephone effects and dense production shimmer throughout putting 'Calling U Back' right in the mainstream of today's indie-pop world. (Released 14th February 2024).

Duke Keats - Heavy Heartbreak

'the playful tendencies of bedroom pop with the edginess of alt-rock'

📍Coventry, UK


Combining the playful tendencies of bedroom pop with the edginess of alt-rock, Duke Keats' latest single 'Heavy Heartbreak' has headed straight into our Fresh Finds playlist this week, and with great reason. Darting between whimsical synth lines and meloncholy-filled lyrics, this track uses it's genre-defying sonic palette to portray the turbulent and ever-evolving ups and downs of romantic relationships. The Coventry-based artist's vocals take you through moments of heartbreak and reflection in it's bouncy melody lines, leaving you unable to stand still whilst listening. Dancing bass lines and background chatter keep a youthful feel to this track, the dreamy vocal layers and toy-box chimes adding to the reminiscence the artist is depicting throughout. Undeniably lo-fi at heart, and merging influences from funk, electronica and songs of the past, this track is the first glimpse at the new sounds of Duke Keats as an artist, with more to come on the horizon in 2024. (Released 14th February 2024).

Satin Green - Alone With You

'as far as a debut single goes, not many successfully encapsulate years of craftsmanship and musical influence in less than four minutes, but Satin Green achieves this and so much more'

📍Liverpool, UK


Throw on your favourite corduroy jacket, dust off that slightly-scratched vinyl record and immerse yourself in Satin Green's debut release 'Alone With You' this weekend. Made for lazy days and sun beams creeping through the clouds, the artist's psychedelic guitars and playful melodies leave you yearning for that easy-loving romance, painting scenes of grainy film tape and nostalgic walks with nowhere to go. Satin Green sends you on a swirling trip of harmonic tosses and turns in the chorus, everything from the naïvety in the lyrics to the classic band set-up oozing feel-good retro-rock. Despite the laid-back groove tying the track together, the vocals are far from easy sailing: a great example to recognise the expansive vocal range from the artist. As far as a debut single goes, not many successfully encapsulate years of craftsmanship and musical influence in less than four minutes, but Satin Green achieves this and so much more with 'Alone With You'. (Released 16th February 2024).

Bonk! - Preserve

' proving once again that the 4-piece can resonate with any genre or idea thrown their way'

📍Liverpool, UK


A cult favourite from the eclectic sounds of Bonk!, 'Preserve' has travelled across worlds far and wide before landing firmly into our playlists on planet Earth this week - with it bringing fresh new perspective and ever-rule-bending elements that we've grown to love in the band's work. Hitting us straight from the start with psychedelic modal turns of Southern Indian influence, we are taken through episodes of prominent spoken word, visceral bass lines and impenetrable drum breaks in true Bonk! style, proving once again that the 4-piece can resonate with any genre or idea thrown their way. In complete contrast to their playful former single 'Wave', 'Preserve' is deeply rooted in mosh pits and strobe lights, becoming a staple tune in their live shows with like-minded new-sound-seekers loving every second of the constantly evolving track. If you are left mesmerised after experiencing this single, catch it live at The Peer Hat tonight (Friday 16th February) in Manchester - you're guaranteed to be left mind-blown. (Released 16th February 2024).


Who've you been listening to recently, anyone we are missing out? Head to @localandlivemedia on IG to tell us who you've discovered recently, and as always - keep submitting your tracks!

Review No. 48

by Meg Shaw, Local & Live Media

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