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49: LYDIA SHUTE stuns us with debut single TURN OFF YOUR FEELINGS...

For lovers of Spotify's 'Our Generation' playlist, eyeliner smudged tearjerkers and heart-on-sleeve lyrics to dance around your bedroom to, Lydia Shute may just be your next favourite artist to keep an eye on. Placing her sound right between bedroom pop and alt-indie, the Reading-born, Liverpool-based artist has lured us into her world of intimate songwriting and energetic production with her debut single 'turn off your feelings', released on 16th February. Want to know some more? Carry on reading...


With a driving synth-pop groove and incomparable vocals, 'turn off your feelings' is the perfect example of a modern-day pop priestess that is taking over the mainstream in recent years. Lydia Shute is no stranger to blending elements of different genres to create new sonic experiences, this debut single being a snippet of what's to come from the prestigious artist. Written from a place of frustration and uncertainty, Shute hones into her vulnerable side when reflecting on being emotionally invested in someone who can't give the same back, leaving a feeling of insecurity and confusion. Despite the humble and exposed theme, the artist fights back with bite and attitude in this promising first release, and with it lays down the foundations of Lydia's galaxy of bubbly melodies and gritty presence.

'I'm never one to dive straight in, don't want to give anyone everything...'

Introducing the track with spiralling lo-fi drums and a 90s-esque guitar, 'turn off your feelings' is a constantly evolving track of heartbreak and despair coated with shimmer and distortion, and is a true testament to the dream team of writers (Lydia Shute), composers (Michelle Zoe Deliah Harris) and producers (Alex Dopierala) behind the track. After a flourish of introspective journal entries to start, the soundscape surrounding the intimacy in the vocals paints the scene of busy city streets and blurry neon lights, complete with reverse effects, bubbling arpeggiators and a constant push-pull feel. After holding our attention at the palm of her hand, Lydia teases an explosive chorus with flashes of samples and a build in intensity at the pre-chorus, her music acting as the exposed feeling of becoming emotionally invested in someone; butterfly-feelings in full effect with anticipation for what's to come.

'You make it look so easy to just turn off your feelings...'

What puts this track at the top of our radars is the impact of the chorus hitting us, after dangling it's potential on a string before our eyes beforehand. Pure bedroom pop nostalgia takes control in the chorus, and this continues through the rest of the track in true Lydia Shute form, her impeccable vocals guiding us through the turbulence that surrounds it. The propelling bass line paired with timeless drum loops are received with both familiarity and scepticism, again linking back to the plot of feeling comfort in someone, but also unsure what will happen next. The return of the chorus after the bridge proves just how genius the melody writing is in this track, the bare bones of the hook exposed with nothing to hide behind - and more powerful than ever before. Built for the live setting, it won't be long before sold out venues are singing Lydia's lyrics back at her face in this section, the calm before the returning storm towards the end of the track. In less than 4 minutes, Lydia takes you through the hunger of new love, with the vexation of knowing it's not quite as it seems, all whilst creating a ridiculously catchy pop tune that is the perfect soundtrack to anyone's main character monologue.


If you're left hungry for more Lydia Shute after falling for her first release, then make sure to follow the artist @lydiashute on socials to stay in the loop. As always, you can find this track amongst all our other current faves in our 'Fresh Finds' playlist, or you can listen to the full track in full, below.

Review No. 49

by Meg Shaw, Local & Live Media

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