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5: Try and listen to NAILA'S latest single 'DIME' without dancing...

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

For those of you living under a rock, Naila has released an absolute BANGER in 'Dime': a latin infused pop track that's sure to get you moving. Having heard this track live and pulling many an agreeable and approving face, I was waiting for the day that this would be released so I could enjoy it again and again, and that day has arrived!


Just short of 3 minutes in length, this groove-heavy track transports you to a wine bar with low-lights and deep red lipstick, and shows off yet another side to Naila's artistry. From the revengeful 'Your Knife', and the vulnerable 'Voices in My Head' from previous releases, this new release shows off a more flirty and fun side, yet still teasing with the dark and mysterious lyrical content.

'play me and replace me, tell me that you never meant no harm...'

Effortlessly darting between Spanish and English lyrics, along with the timeless horns and nostalgic latin guitar, this song is constantly evolving through Naila's influences and experiences. Needless to say, the vocal performance on this track is full of attitude, impeccable technique, and the perfect pop tone. The breakdown in particular stands this track out from the rest, showing off yet again the detail to production and rhythmic intricacies that this track has woven into its bones. Everything from the production and arrangement, to the delivery and performance, is crafted beautifully and seamlessly in true Naila style, and I wouldn't expect anything less.


If you haven't graced your ears yet by listening to this track, what are you doing?! Do yourself a favour, pour yourself a glass of wine (other tipples are available), and dance away to 'Dime' this evening - you can thank me later.

by Meg Shaw, Local and Live Media

Review No. 5

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