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51: OH DEAR melt away the cold with latest single STUCK ON YOU...

The colourful sounds of guitar pop duo 'Oh Dear' have captured our hearts in recent years, with their infectiously disco-driven track 'Everybody's Moving' and synth-mania 'Sweet' to name just a few. Each release adds another fuzzy planet in their sonic galaxy: a collection of feel-good soundtracks navigating through relationships, the state of the world and coming-of-age. Care to join us as we explore their latest terrain, 'Stuck On You'?


Born out of appreciation for those people who stay with you no matter where you go, 'Stuck On You' is the perfect high-spirited theme tune for your favourite nostalgia-filled cartoon show: complete with playful synths and delicately layered vocals to add colour to your world. Taking us across planet Earth in their lyrics, these musical nomads blend indie-pop sensibilities with their fun-loving personality to create a track that melts the cold months away; soul-warming vocals and dreamy harmonic content allowing you to float comfortably through the track. Katie and George, the faces behind both the writing and production, sink into their love for the sunshine-soaked Beach Boys-esque sound with the intricacies of Swim Deep to provide us with this perfect early-spring anthem... and we can't get enough of it.

'We drive around, paint the town, find what no one's ever found...'

Hitting us with radiant synth shimmer from the start, you're reminded of the vivid sounds of Oh Dear as you delve into their first release of 2024, reminding us that we should always keep this high-esteemed duo on our radars at all times. Their unison verse melodies ooze simplicity and naivety, with nothing but a driving groove and an old-school mellotron to keep them company. Painting a scene of reassurance, we transport through to the psychedelic infused counter-section, a moment of suspension in mid-air with nothing but colourful spirals and harmonic twists, before landing safely on two feet with the familiar synth hook - which has at this point become engraved on our brains like a distant childhood memory.

'Still we're stuck like glue, and still I'm stuck on you...'

At less than 3 minutes in it's entirety, Oh Dear manage to take us through all walks of life and the memories that come with it in this track, a true credit to their sentimental lyricism and ability to fabricate a feeling by merging sounds together. 'Stuck On You' has no real chorus section, each part standing strong enough on it's own that when presented together, depicts the ups and downs of life as you navigate the world together with your co-dependent other. Knowing that even in the toughest times, and moments where you're left lost in a spiral, that familiarity will return as a light at the end of the tunnel and help guide you through.


Enjoy exploring the world of Oh Dear as much as we do? Do yourself a favour and discover all their discography this week, starting with listening to 'Stuck On You' in full down below.

Review No. 51

by Meg Shaw, Local & Live Media

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