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52: Kickstart your weekend with brand new TONIA, NEEB, UNTOLD RIVER and SPARROWGHOST...

Here we are again, another Friday with another impressive collection of new tunes to discover. From the United Kingdom to the United States, here's 4 tracks you should be listening to...


Tonia - Broken Smile

'this track might be our favourite yet'

📍Liverpool, UK


With every release from rising singer-songwriter Tonia, you turn a page in her tear-stained, doodle-covered journal, opening up the artist's navigation through relationships and everyday life. Each entry is a re-assurance, an older sister offering experience and perspective into the world we find ourselves in - and 'Broken Smile' might be our favourite yet. Emotionally-driven and beautifully placed in that part of our headspace that requires delicate focus, Tonia's starter-pack of impeccable production, effortless vocals and dreamy harmony return to our airwaves with open arms, with added horn swells and a visceral laid-back groove in this latest track for added sun rays on a rainy February morning. Written around the effect a relationship has on your wider circle of friends and way of life, 'Broken Smiles' is an escape from the person that's holding you back, resulting in prioritising self-love and proper communication. Everything from the gravitating bass line to the shimmery synth bed momentarily whisks you away from real life and into the world of Tonia, intricate melodies and captivating lyrics crafted under a magnifying glass so no spare moment is left untouched. We could chat about this track for hours, but no words would give it justice - you're better off cancelling your Friday plans, putting on your favourite headphones, and drowning in Tonia's latest soul-filled entry before the page turns.(Released 23rd February 2024).

NEEB - Brighter Day

'a picturesque landscape of sounds and feelings'

📍Hartlepool, UK


The latest addition to our 'Nothing but Groove' playlist this week, NEEB join forces with Jasmine Weatherill in the mesmerising 'Brighter Day' - released just in time to wave goodbye to the cold months and start afresh. With authenticity running through the veins of the track, the band merging ideas in a spin of glaring sunlight and spiralling colours - evolving into a picturesque landscape of sounds and feelings as the track grows. Starting off lounge-style with subtle ripples on the Rhodes and a shimmery ride cymbal taking care of the high-end, the brain-ticking rhythm section draws an element of depth and movement to the track before pairing with the eloquent performance from Jasmine Weatherill - a true dream team of elation. Preaching positivity after a thawing winter, any day can be boosted with this feel-good track; the soulful vocal entries to the fuzzy synth solos jamming together to help you through to the light at the end of the tunnel. (Released 23rd February 2024).

Sparrowghost - Summer Ends Too Soon

'a bundle of hope wrapped up within craftsmanship and years of musical wisdom'

📍Los Angeles, USA


With each release exploring different sounds and feelings, Sparrowghost holds no constraints when it comes to genre in his discography. His late-2023 delicate three-track EP 'Summer Ends Too Soon' presents the alt-folk, acoustic element of his artistry, and walks straight into our 'Mellow Bops' and 'Fresh Finds' playlist with a spring in it's step. Weaving layers of guitars with uplifting melodies and a polished self-produced sound, the artist crafts this EP for a soundtrack of the film When We Get There: each track painting feelings of newfound love, running away, and finding purpose. From the evergreen 'Crooked Creek' boasting an array of mystery, to the raising spirits of 'Carry My Love', we are taken through a film plot of our own when listening to this body of work, before being left mesmerised by 'Stay With Me's intricate palette of strings and synths. A moment of escapism and reflection, 'Summer Ends Too Soon' is a bundle of hope wrapped up within craftsmanship and years of musical wisdom. (Released 13th November 2023).

Untold River - Don't

'something that stands out with this track is it's ability to hold memories from a past life' 📍Stockport, UK


Pulling elements from indie-folk, americana and country, Untold River's vulnerable third single 'Don't' is a delicate take on finding yourself in unprecedented times - discovering the ray of sunlight against the cloudy backdrop. With a bluesy and authentic vocal entry against a nostalgic drum shuffle, this beautifully poised alt-country track weaves an emotive journey through it's storyteller lyrics and silky sweet melody, whilst the self-described 'lap-steel-synth-thingy' leaves you reminiscing easier times with the timeless aura it possesses. Something that stands out with this track is it's ability to hold memories from a past life - at first listen it takes you back to childhood simplicities and naivety, and whilst capturing the rose-tinted recollections, offers a sense of hope in that times will get better. Untold River's captivating performance in this track leaves us yearning for more, and 'Don't' is chipping away at the surface of what's to come for the artist. (Released 22nd February 2024).


Enough to keep you busy over the weekend? If you're craving more, head to our Local & Live Media playlists in full to discover all the latest that we've been listening to, and be sure to check back as they are updated daily!

Review No. 52

by Meg Shaw, Local & Live Media

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