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53: All aboard ISABELLE METTLE’s discovery of new terrains in latest release ‘JUPITER AND MARS’…

Infused with RnB, pop and jazz, Isabelle Mettle’s music is a melting pot of grit and groove - and we can’t get enough of it. After gaining attention from the likes of Radio One, Amazing Radio and North West Introducing already with latest single ‘Jupiter and Mars’, the London-born, Liverpool-based artist is quickly becoming one to watch… and with an EP on the horizon, there’s no better time than now to board the Mettle rocket: heading straight for the stars. 


With a backbone of intricate rhythms and a cacophony of synths and outer-world sounds to start the track, ‘Jupiter and Mars’ is an unexplored terrain waiting for starved music lovers alike to devour. With years of influence and experience under her star-belt, Mettle draws perspective from her own constellation to set the scene of discovery and love, and finding understanding amidst confusion. After setting us into a trance with a mesmerising soundscape introduction, Mettle strips back to nothing but a ticking groove and explosive vocal entry with full confidence and soul, showing she is in control of our inevitable hypnotic journey ahead. 

'Can we just pause? Maybe rewind on this night?'

After confessing the need for escape in the ever-captivating verse, we lift off into a swirl of soaring melodies and vast array of synths in the chorus, diverting us once again into another musical landscape. From the earthy gravitational pull of the verse former to this, we lose all sense of grounding in the chorus: Mettle’s undeniable vocal abilities creating a gust of euphoria as we transcend across genres. This constant contrast is fully exploited throughout the track, effortlessly shifting us from safety to disruption as the journey continues - ongoing sonic movement depicting the emotional turbulence at hand in the lyrics. 

'Let's go to Jupiter and Mars tonight...'

A breath of reflection and realisation passes our window in the bridge section, eventually becoming the core memory of the journey with hand claps and layers of vocals persuading us to join in. A call for space and re-evaluation in the situation at hand, Mettle gathers anyone that's ever felt trapped in a relationship together in a moment of collective, a re-assuring hug between artist and listeners alike.

From the glistening whips of airy effects to the depths of the sub-bass, Mettle attacks all bases with clarity and focus in ‘Jupiter and Mars’. With a hands-on approach to the production and composition of the alt-RnB track, the artist confirms that she indeed is a power to be feared and followed as she continues to break boundaries within her music. Everything from the initial writing process to the high-level production is handled with sincerity and professionalism - a true modern-day artist in her element.


Listen to the track in full below, and find it in our Fresh Finds playlist amongst a collection of other brilliant new releases!

Review No. 53

by Meg Shaw, Local & Live Media

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