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54: New tunes from HELENA MAY, LYDIA REECE, CHEERY and LXP...

Looking back on February, we've had some AMAZING song submissions in our inbox. Before the month is up, we thought we'd squeeze in a few more tracks to add to your February favourites, you're welcome:


Lydia Reece - She Don't Know

'a RnB soul-pop burst of confidence and emotion'

📍Liverpool, UK


As soon as we heard the tightly-pocketed, morphed-to-perfection riff that starts this track, we knew we had a tune on our hands. Lydia Reece, currently residing in the musical capital of Liverpool (we're not biased at all, promise), has graced the scene with debut single 'She Don't Know': an RnB soul-pop burst of confidence and emotion, and with it comes an uber-promising future ahead for the 22 year old. Packed with jazz-tainted vocal tones, a heart-thumping bass line and a warm embrace of horns, this track is born out of a lifetime of listening to Yebba, RAYE and Cleo Sol - and on track for being a name amongst the trailblazers in this well-loved genre. With an intricate and complex instrumentation, the lyrics coating the soundscape are just as polished, reflecting upon the double-edged nature of modern relationships and being a woman in this ever-changing society. A voice for anyone feeling unheard, Lydia oozes both professionalism and honesty in everything she does - 'She Don't Know' an anthem for this generation. Heading straight into our 'Nothing but Groove' playlist, Lydia Reece is quickly becoming a Local & Live favourite for 2024. (Released 23rrd February 2024).

Helena May - Lifetime Supply

'this uplifting track is an instant hit of self-love and embrace of individuality'

📍London, UK/Vienna, Austria


Filled with feel-good energy, 'Lifetime Supply' is the latest creation from London/Vienna-based artist Helena May, and is the perfect addition to our 'Nothing but Groove' playlist this month. A palette of soul-infused chord progressions, funk-ready guitars and an unmistakable pop vocal, this uplifting track is an instant hit of self-love and embrace of individuality - something we can all learn from. Everything from the irresistible chorus melody to the ever-evolving soundscape of disco balls and swirls of colour oozes personality and professionalism, found in all of Helena May's work across the board. The introduction of what's to come in the artist's upcoming record, 'Lifetime Supply' is both timelessly nostalgic and creatively innovative; offering us well-loved sounds with fresh perspective. From the delicate opening to the explosive final chorus, May coats each element of the track with shimmer and attitude, and if this is just the start of what's to come, we'll be joining the queue for new Helena May music in the future. (Released 16th February 2024).

Cheery - Man!

'a delicate yet gritty offering of theatrics and abundance of emotion'

📍Liverpool, UK/Kansas, USA


Mesmerising and full of mystique, gloomy art-pop artist Cheery draws upon years of life experience in both Kansas and Liverpool to give us 'Man!' - a delicate yet gritty offering of theatrics and abundance of emotion. With a captivating vocal drowning in synth shimmer and chasmic distortion, Cheery finds the sweet spot between maximalism and the introverted mindset to exploit trails of thought and bursts of yearning, evolving from a quaint first verse to an escapade of sound as the track grounds to a halt in the final moments. A glance at years of musicianship bundled into 3 minutes of alt-pop, 'Man!' is a perfect snapshot of the current world we live in - complete with duality and conflict throughout. With four full length solo albums and five EPs since the beginnings in 2009, Cheery shows no signs of stopping as they fire head first into new works this year, so if you've caught the Cheery-bug with this latest single, just you wait. (Released 21st February 2024).

LXP - On Repeat

'a concoction of experimental twists and turns wrapped in hyper-funk and electronica'

📍South London, UK


A burst of electro-shock, LXP's latest endeavour 'On Repeat' alters minds and leaves you on a temporary high: a concoction of experimental twists and turns wrapped in hyper-funk and electronica. From the whisper-vocals crawling up your spine, to the sub-bass making you squirm and shiver involuntarily, LXP take full control of minds and movements as they depict the monotony of nightlife, everything from the harmony layers to the recoiling percussion driving forward with masses of momentum. With the likes of Brainfeeder and Portishead watching idly by, LXP continue to break rules and create new soundscapes with this sophomore single, proving once again there's no limits when it comes to Brockley-based project. Fuelled with maximalism, no corner of the track is left untouched: each element coated in distortion and crunch to create an infinite pool of darkness and texture. With more work in the not-too-distant pipeline, LXP are a staple on our 2024 diets, and we need to be fed more. (Released 23rd February 2024).


Enough to keep your hunger at bay until March? If you're still in need of some new sounds, head to our Local & Live Media Playlists to discover your soundtrack for the week, updated daily.

Review No. 54

by Meg Shaw, Local & Live Media

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