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55: TILLY LOUISE proves she’s superhuman in RESTART…

If you’ve been following Local & Live Media at all over the last four years, it’s highly unlikely that you haven’t come across alt-pop powerhouse Tilly Louise before, but just in case… we are here to introduce you to her world today! After blowing the fuse with 2023 EP ‘Join the Club’ last year, the homegrown Liverpool artist is back with a fresh 2024 model upgrade in ‘Restart’, hoping to rewire minds and boost livelihoods with it’s instant burst of energy. 


Sitting right in the middle of the shimmery pop metropolis that she’s built over the years, ‘Restart’ is packed with all the mechanics that a Tilly Louise song needs: everything from personality, energy and brain-etched guitar hooks welcoming you back into her utopia. A suspenseful first verse lures us in, lyrics depicting emotional attachment and barriers around the fragile human heart, Tilly’s vocals front and centre as a face for the introverted. After the cogs start turning, crunch-filled guitar and a heartbeat four to the floor kick start to rev up the engine, before we take off full speed in the chorus that has become a crowd favourite at many of Tilly’s gigs over the years.

‘You took apart all of my rusted parts…’

Far from rusty, the chorus oozes futuristic sounds coated in glitter, all frequencies handled delicately by the self-produced talent. Layers of harmonies and guitars overload the system, all wrapped around a melody that holds enough voltage to spark a part of the brain nothing else is capable of. Throughout all of Tilly’s discography the melodies are contagious, but this track hits new levels with everything punchy and locked in

‘There’s a fault in the system… and I need your assistance’

After running off infatuation-fuelled batteries throughout the first half of the track, the bridge is a moment of realisation that you can’t function without that someone, and they are slowly starting to control and rewire your way of life. A chance to slow down the inevitable take over of your heart, spiralling lyrics and rising synths add to that internal tension, before the return of the final chorus reminds us that maybe it’s better if you indeed just restart and leave the rust behind. 

The perfect sequel to her former release ‘Make Me a Robot’ in 2023’s collection of work, Tilly proves she has only scratched the surface when it comes to what’s to come in her sci-fi indie-pop soundtrack with ‘Restart’. Surrounded once again by a dream team of mechanics in both the band and behind the scenes, every track is a new invention of merging sounds and ideas, and this is just the start - the rest is to come (and we cannot wait).


Can’t stop humming along with the chorus? Knew it… make sure you follow everything Tilly Louise is up to on @tillylouisemusic to hear more! Below is the track, in full, to fuel your day.

Review No. 55

By Meg Shaw, Local & Live Media

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