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56: New music from WRENDER, PAUL O'KEEFE and JOSSLE...

Friday is meant for one thing: exploring new music. Good thing for you, we've handpicked two tracks and an album for you to listen to today, you're welcome! All submitted to us via our submission inbox and Musosoup... let's get straight into it:


JOSSLE - Mother

'delicately crafted with vulnerability and intricacy in full focus'

📍Ireland, Cork/London, UK


Delicately crafted with vulnerability and intricacy in full focus, JOSSLE's latest single 'Mother' (with accompanying B side track, 'admit') is a refreshing soundtrack to welcome in the spring months ahead. Exploring familial relationships, the warming complex harmony and organic vocals of JOSSLE and fellow Cork-based artist DeCarteret provide you with a sense of comfort and familiarity, whilst the pulled-back groove and lo-fi tendencies add an element of grit and darkness to the production - much like the lyrics at hand that depict the emotional turbulence of coming of age under a maternal figure. Whilst 'Mother' is deeply rooted to reality, accompanying B side 'admit' lifts you into a dreamlike state: morphed effects and minimalism creating a caught-up-in-your-head soundscape of whispers and echoes. A confession of accepting your own flaws, 'admit' is beautifully somber and poignant after the upbeat introverted introduction from 'Mother', making this duo of tracks a thought-provoking experience. (Released 28th February 2024).

Paul O'Keefe - You Found Me

'a timeless ballad of newfound hope'

📍Liverpool, UK


A timeless ballad, Liverpool-based singer songwriter Paul O'Keefe plays with emotions and cinematic soundscapes in his latest release, 'You Found Me'. With a bed of reverb-soaked piano, sweeps of strings and synths, and a backbone of bass and drums to ground the piece, Paul's vocals have the space to soar in full glory with this track, which he does effortlessly. Reflecting on newfound hope and breaking down hard times, the rock-pop artist draws upon personal experience and universal messages to elevate minds and lift spirits - a rich vocal quality and heart-on-sleeve lyrics being key contenders in all of his work. Building from a fragile opener to a grand final chorus, Paul plays with tension and breath to portray the feeling of falling in love and accepting the inevitable trouble that holds throughout life, the backing choir adding to the idea that everyone can connect with these lyrics. (Released 23rd February 2024).

Wrender - I Couldn't Speak Without Saying Your Name

'each track is a hidden gem, one immaculate discovery after the other'

📍Folkestone, UK


Indie-folk duo Wrender, a powerhouse collaboration of mesmerising folk singer Wren and muso-wizard George, have caught our attention this week after their debut album release, entitled 'I Couldn't Speak Without Saying Your Name'. From the indie-pop opener of 'Scars', we are taken on a journey of multi-genre goodness spanning folk, electronica and baroque pop - each track a glimpse into the world of the Folkestone-based duo, complete with endless layers of effects, timeless hypnotic melodies and exquisite production. From the ever dreamy synths in 'All I Want' and delicate approach to 'Meaning', Wrender play with our hearts and minds in this fragile collection of tracks; the rhythmic intricacies of 'Fossil Eyes' and heart-wrenching guitar creaks of 'Distance' some stand out qualities in the album, and personal favourites of mine. Each track is a hidden gem, one immaculate discovery after the other: and such multi-terrain soundscapes are recommended on all your playlists this spring. (Released 29th February 2024).


Enough to keep you well fed until next week? If not, check out our ever-evolving Local & Live Playlists, you'll find these tracks and much more over there! Artists and bands out there - we are always looking for new tunes, submit your work to to get involved!

Review No. 56

by Meg Shaw, Local & Live Media

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