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57: Jazz-pop artist TABI GERVIS hits home with SUNDAY LATE SHIFT...

With unconfined vocal runs, irreplaceable grooves and an eccentric stage presence, Tabi Gervis has captured the hearts of many jazz-pop lovers in recent times - and with a feel-good bohemian aura and witty personality, we can all see why. Captivating in everything she does, and doing so with oodles of authenticity and humility, it's impossible to not enjoy the sounds of the Liverpool-based artist... and now there's a new single to further feed the Gervis obsession that's taking over the scene. Need a moody, late-night tune filled with soul and complexity? Let us introduce you to 'Sunday Late Shift'...


After being hypnotised by Tabi Gervis' live performances in the past, as I'm sure most of us have who've had the pleasure of witnessing such a spectacle, we've waited for the day that the groove-filled, attitude-soaked new sounds of the self-proclaimed 'jazz pop princess' came to our streaming platforms to enjoy over and over again. 'Sunday Late Shift' is the first release from Tabi in 3 years, and with it comes an abundance of maturity, professionalism - and of course, bundles of those mesmerising vocal runs we've become spellbound by. Tabi is no stranger to leaving her audiences transfixed on her star-ready spirit; splashes of retro-esque palettes and mystical lands yet to be discovered coming hand-in-hand with her work. 'Sunday Late Shift' may only be just over 3 minutes in length, but upon listening to the highly awaited track you are transported to world's unknown with push-pull transitions, a network of complex harmonies and an effortless fusion of moods and style. Everything we love from Tabi, with added production pizzazz (thanks to Ben Koch at Real World Studios), to quickly become a staple track in our dusky March playlists.

'I'm walking at a normal pace and I'm hoping to see common faces...'

Exploring the mundane task of coming home after an evening of work, the opening entry to this single is far from monotonous - dreamy Rhodes piano and intimate vocals setting a smokey-staged, glistening dress in the spotlight scene in our soon-to-be-blown minds. After drawing us in with timeless jazz bar vibes, accompanying band members join forces to introduce the moody groove of the track - becoming the foundations of the ever-evolving journey in the tune.

'You had pretty green eyes, I was just so used to feeling blue...'

What starts as a plea for excitement on an uneventful evening turns quickly into a quirky spell of infatuation: with smitten lyrics and playful instrumental stabs wrapped around a rhythmically gravitating melody line as the band join in. In complete control, Tabi pulls us back and forth between sparse streets and blurry headspaces in her transforming soundscapes, helping us depict the dusky-coated late hour walks drowned in emotion and yearning. Totally transfixed on the enchanting vocals of Tabi, we go through verses and choruses effortlessly - subtle melodic inflections and fuzzy synths keeping us on our toes until the moment of pause rounded off with a final ad-lib-packed chorus to seal the letter of longing with a chef's kiss.

Without any doubts, this track has imprinted itself firmly into our Nothing but Groove playlist this week, and here it will lie until more Tabi Gervis work enters the world further down the line.


Mesmerised by all things Tabi? Check out the track in full below, and be sure to follow her socials @tabigervis to find out more!

Review No. 57

by Meg Shaw, Local & Live Media

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