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59: New additions from ZARA SMILE, SEAGOTH, KELP and UGLY JUMPER...

With an abundance of song submissions this week, it was so difficult to narrow down our mid-week roundup with just four tracks, but we've picked tracks that we feel you NEED to get your ears around as the weekend draws ever closer. Let us introduce you to Ugly Jumper, Seagoth, Kelp and zara smile... you won't be disappointed:


Ugly Jumper - hate me, please

'a very promising first glance at the work of Ugly Jumper'

📍Liverpool, UK


Blurring the lines between indie-rock and midwest emo, Ugly Jumper is born out of love for huge choruses and anthemic drums on a bed of anguished guitars: as seen perfectly in their debut single 'hate me, please'. Placed right in the centre of a local music scene that thrives off genre-bending ideas and innovative creativity, this Liverpool-based band capture the pure essence of growing up on sticky-floored grassroots venues amongst like-minded gig-goers, their raw presence oozing out of the distortion and edginess in their premiere track. Exploring the toxic relationship with the world and society you live in, where you hate it but also want a part of it, emotion runs through the captivating vocal melodies and contrasting guitar countermelodies beautifully. Bringing the live scene to their recording in the breakdown section, you get a glimpse at each band member's personality in their all-encapsulating fills and runs, making you crave that dimly lit, low ceiling cavern gig setting as you're sent into a trance with your new favourite upcoming band. As far as a debut release goes, this is a very promising first glance at the work of Ugly Jumper. (Released 24th February 2024).

Seagoth - Internet Cafe

'mesmerising and euphoric'

📍Liverpool, UK


Ahead of their full debut album release in April, 'Internet Cafe' is the latest sneak peak into what's to come with highly anticipated artist Seagoth, and we can't get enough of it. From the dreamy lo-fi guitars to the retro synths lines, this hazy dreampop number perfectly depicts the world's state of being controlled by internet culture and social media. The mesmerising vocals of Seagoth draw you into a world of fantasy and euphoria floating effortlessly amongst the reverb-soaked soundscape, whilst the gritty rhythm section keeps us grounded and at touch with reality. This duality of futurism and nostalgia is found in everything from the track's reflective lyrics to it's extensive sonic palette, all helping to navigate us through these confusing times where phones and devices keep us in touch with the world, whilst simultaneously pulling us away from it. Constantly evolving from sparse synth lines to walls of sound, 'Internet Cafe' is the perfect soundtrack to your lives - and we can't wait for the collection of tracks in full later on this year. (Released 6th March 2024).

Kelp - Apartment Overlooking a Dual Carriageway Outside Charleroi

'this track oozes melancholy nostalgia and urban blurriness'

📍Belfast, Northern Ireland


With an infectious laid back groove and visceral 90s-esque bass line, Kelp's ambiguously titled track 'Apartment Overlooking a Dual Carriageway Outside Charleroi' fires straight into our 'Nothing but Groove' playlist this March - and is everything our hip hop/funk collection stands for. Not short of any complex harmony changes or intricate drum nuances, this standalone single comes after a string of EPs and former tracks from the Belfast-based artist - and proves that he's far from over his expedition in finding mind-bending new sounds and ideas to treat his listeners to. Perfect for soundtracking your rainy day vintage shop strolls, this track oozes melancholy nostalgia and urban blurriness with it's chillwave tendencies - refusing to sit inside a single genre as it morphs and evolves throughout between electronica and decades of inspiration. A well-seasoned bedroom producer and experimental writer, it's no wonder the likes of Tom Robinson have scouted him for his Radio 6 Mixtape in the past - and the momentum is only going up for this much loved artist in 2024. (Released 1st March 2024).

zara smile - Pretty

'this delicately crafted track is a snapshot of celebrating new love and all the excitement it brings'

📍Liverpool/London, UK


As far as indie-folk goodness goes, Liverpool and London based artist zara smile ticks all the boxes in latest single 'Pretty': raw lyricism, intricate production and warm guitars quickly becoming a major part in their music. After single 'Spotlight' and EP 'Smile' of last year, Zara dives even further into vulnerability and introspection in this 2024 release, with topics of self-discovery, love and infatuation intertwined within the poetic structure of the track. Drawing upon their love for Joni Mitchell and Laura Marling, this delicately crafted track is a snapshot of celebrating new love and all the excitement it brings. As a queer person of colour, Zara effortlessly paints the world through their lens; an abundance of vocal harmonies and subtle synth countermelodies capturing their perspective with ease, whilst the song itself is a comforting hug from a friendly face with it's timeless band arrangement and ever-evolving structure. (Released 2nd March 2024).


As always, you can find these tracks amongst hundreds of others over at our Local & Live Media Playlists, as detailed below!

Review No. 59

by Meg Shaw, Local & Live Media

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