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Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Since launching our first (of hopefully many!) Local & Live Media playlists, 'Fresh Finds', I thought I'd give you a rundown of a few tracks from this week. Enjoy the likes of Eleanor, Man With A Corduroy Heart, Red Remedy, MARiMARi and Penny Eau...


Eleanor - Rescuer Syndrome

'beautifully delicate, painfully honest - and perfectly Eleanor'

Crafted from reflection and realisation, 'Rescuer Syndrome' is my favourite yet from Eleanor. Keeping it raw and poignant, and drawing from her lives in Luxembourg and Liverpool, this track has the perfect balance of performance and production. After a 3-year hiatus, this track is the perfect return. From the gorgeously upfront lead vocals and haunting background vocal arrangements, to the ridiculously warm sounding piano, lose yourself in your own thoughts for 3 and a half minutes with this track. If Tom Odell, Hozier and Billie Eilish made a track, 'Rescuer Syndrome' would still come out on top. Beautifully delicate, painfully honest - and perfectly Eleanor.

Man With A Corduroy Heart - 'The Wailers'

'built on jazz guitars, dipped in lo-fi production, and wrapped in soulful vocals'

For those lazy sundays, 5 minute time-outs, and glistens of sunlight through the window - 'The Wailers' from Man With A Corduroy Heart is perfect for you. Built on jazz guitars, dipped in lo-fi production, and wrapped in soulful vocals, this track caught my ear as soon as I hit play. With subtle references to Bob Marley throughout, this timeless track is perfectly executed; from the effortless vocal delivery, to the creative lyrical content - not to mention the ever-warming cassette recording imperfections. Written around the idea of trying to get a child to fall asleep, the organic feeling of the track as a whole plays with this lyrical theme throughout. It's clear that the artist has the magic touch when it comes to production, maybe due to the fact that they have been an audio engineer through the years. Taking all the experience and knowledge from that, and crafting it into work of his own, as a debut release from an artist, you couldn't get much better than this.

Red Remedy - 'Catalina'

'get ready for the ridiculously catchy chorus to take over your everyday lives'

Getting an instant hit of funk and indie, 'Catalina' is your new go-to track for that sudden burst of energy. Hailing from the North East, Red Remedy have caught the popular wave of hybrid-funk and disco at the right time, reminiscent of FOALS and Paramore to name a few. An amalgamation of the 5 members Maddy, Dean, Kyle, Jack and Zach, you can hear all their musical styles come together to create this energy-packed track, and in just 3 minutes you are transported to your nearest sticky-floored, bright-lights underground venue for a night of dancing and letting yourself free. After their previous release 'WAIT', they've somehow exceeded their level of musicality and attitude, which was pretty high to begin with. Go and get your instant hit of energy now by streaming 'Catalina' - and get ready for the ridiculously catchy chorus to take over your everyday lives.

MARiMARi - 'Itaba-Cho'

'sugar-laced in hyper pop'

The third release since 'Infamous & Dangerous' and 'Aerosol', 'Itaba-Cho' shows off yet another side of MARiMARi's artistry. Sugar-laced in hyper pop, with playfully written melodies and a big emphasis on the production, this track fits perfectly in today's generation of new artists. A more vulnerable side of MARiMARi, reflecting on grief and emptiness, 'Itaba-Cho' sounds like the calm in the middle of a storm - with nostalgic lyrics pairing perfectly with the warm synths and everlasting vocal stacks. Painting the story of the artist's Japanese-British background, this track is a universal hug for anyone who's ever lost a loved one. If you're a fan of the 'Our Generation' Spotify playlist, or have an unhealthy obsession for all things eyeliner, TikTok and hair dye, this is definitely the artist for you.

Penny Eau - 'deep blue'

'a euphoric, magical, and transformative experience'

From Local & Live alumni, Penny Eau is back with a hauntingly beautiful new single 'deep blue'. Exploring the feeling of life getting on top of you, and the struggles to stay afloat in a never ending pull underwater, this truly is a euphoric, magical and transformative experience. Paired with a music video, this track was released in time for World Mental Health Day, and is a call out for anyone who might be feeling the same way that 'there is always a clear sky on the other side of the water's surface'. Drowning in soundscapes, dripping in vulnerable vocals, and splashed with endless vocal stacks, dive into the deep blue with Penny Eau and float away into the music momentarily. Every release from Penny is another story and experience, so check out her extensive discography - you'll find a soundtrack for every episode in your life.


Check out the full 'Fresh Finds' playlist here, which is constantly updated with all our new favourites...

by Meg Shaw, Local & Live Media

Review No. 6

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