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60: MOLLY GREEN preaches individuality and self-love in latest single 'SHE IS MIGHTY'...

Over the years, Bristol-based soul jazz artist Molly Green has captured our attention with timeless vocals and alluring grooves in her genre blending music. After previously gaining recognition from BBC Radio One, Glastonbury Festival and Joy Crookes (to name just a few), Molly Green's earthy presence is drawing music-lovers and gig-goers alike into the world of colourful palettes and eternal styles - and with latest single 'She Is Mighty' entering our radars earlier this week, our love for Molly's work is stronger than ever. Perfectly aligning with International Women's Day this year, we thought we'd delve into the inspiring message behind the track, as well as depict the infectious groove at hand...


Written about the artist's fiercely fabulous younger sister Flo, everything about this soul and blues inspired track oozes self-motivation and ambition. From the incisive bass line and fearless vocal melodies, Molly graciously takes us through the beauty of individuality, urging listeners to embrace their differences and spark their courageous flame within. A figure of modern-day girl-power with timeless genres brought forward in a new light, Molly Green is no stranger to an inspirational message woven into the foundations of her sound, former tracks such as 'Million Dollar Baby' and 'I'm Ready Now' lifting our heads up high in previous years. Now in the early months of 2024, 'She Is Mighty' plants new roots for courageous women to grow from, with no signs of stopping in the future.

'she might be small, but you best believe she is mighty...'

After a nostalgic count-in, an ever-grounded drum groove hits us straight away at the beginnings of 'She Is Mighty', before a gritty bass tone joins in to further the lionhearted message that's brought to light throughout the track. Reminding us of the angelic falsetto range in Molly's vocabulary, a subtle echo of her vocals feature in the introduction, before verse one paints the upbringing of a powerful woman: all focus on the vocals surrounded by a sparse bed of bluesy accents in the instrumentation. Whilst the harmonic content stays rooted around the centre, Molly's soaring melodies take full control throughout the first section, repetitive hook becoming quickly imprinted in our hearts and minds as the song drives forward.

'hold the phone, don't shoot that gun, she's the only one...'

A pivotal moment of 'She Is Mighty' is held in the visceral breakdown section of the track: a call-for-action, scat-like riff packed with horn stabs, hand claps and everything we know and love about Molly Green's discography. After many years of cramming into sold out Cavern Club shows and Sound City festival slots, you can feel the togetherness of the fanbase in this breakdown - everyone joining in with the contagious melody after just one listen. At the latter end of this badass-infused lift, we are hit with a mammoth wall of sound as Molly states 'hold the phone, don't shoot that gun, she's the only one' - a direct confrontation to anyone who dares to dim the light of her beautifully powerful sister.

'magical creation, exceptional variation, take pride in that reputation...'

Another effortless transition leaves us mesmerised at the ending of the track, a more delicate approach to further solidify the glistening qualities that Molly's sister holds. Complex jazz harmony and softer tones of piano grace the latter section of the song, leaving us sentimental and reflective in the final moments of the masterpiece. With James McMillan (recording) and Matt Greaves (production) behind the track, it's no surprise that the constantly changing soundscapes are handled with care and intricacy, leaving us admiring every corner of this inspirational single - and we can't wait to experience more in the future.


Feeling inspired after all things Molly Green? Be sure to check out the full single, 'She Is Mighty', in full down below - and whilst you're there, treat yourself to the hidden gems found within the rest of the artist's discography. This track will also hold a firm place within our 'Nothing but Groove' playlist, where you can find more soul-infused tracks to uplift your day.

Review No. 60

by Meg Shaw, Local & Live Media

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