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61: Treat yourself this Friday with brand new MARTHA GODDARD, HAIVEN, SAGE YOUR BRAIN and PAINT ME IN COLOUR...

This Friday, we have the pleasure of introducing four BRAND NEW tracks for you, all released today (8th March), and all released by female/female-fronted acts. A complete coincidence as we pride on showcasing female artists all year round, but as it just so happens to be International Women's Day, we thought we'd shout out about it even more so today. Four tracks, four completely differing genres, and all Liverpool-based... let's get straight into it:


Paint Me In Colour - Pick Me Up

'the Liverpool based indie-pop band handle every corner of this angsty track with detail and high spirits'

📍Liverpool, UK


With a heavy headbanger opening, Paint Me In Colour remind us that they're not ones to mess around in latest single 'Pick Me Up'. With a punchy bass line taking control of the low end, and shimmery guitar jangle adding crystal clarity to the shards of fragmented glass in the highs, the Liverpool based indie-pop band handle every corner of this angsty track with detail and high spirits. Exploring the ups and downs of navigating life in the modern era, it's mantra-esque lyrics offer up fresh perspective and authenticity - coated in distortion and nail-biting counter melodies in true Paint Me In Colour genre-bending style. Everything from the confronting lead vocals to the gripping cavernous sounds of the drums, it's no wonder that the high-esteemed band have had recognition from BBC Radio One and Gigwise with former single 'Pity Me', and are on track for even more success with their alt-influenced 'Pick Me Up' this March. (Released 9th Match 2024).

Martha Goddard - Lasso

'subtle yet powerful'

📍Liverpool, UK


The momentum behind ethereal pop artist Martha Goddard is stronger than ever as we enter 2024, and with three tracks already floating in the universe from the artist's upcoming EP, today we see the addition of another star in Martha's constellation of mesmerising soundtracks in latest release 'Lasso'. Born from moving on and cutting ties with people holding you back, this synth-heavy track is subtle yet powerful, thanks to Martha's effortless vocals and the beautifully crafted soundscape it sits upon. Haunting and captivating, the endless layers of backing harmony and elevating melodies have become staple elements to the Liverpool-based artist's sound in recent times, but 'Lasso' takes these magical qualities even further in it's poignant bridge section, Martha providing an escape from the overwhelming world we live in with introverted lyrics and years of music-filled experience under her belt. For anyone feeling trapped in a relationship and longing for a time to let go, find solace in 'Lasso', and let Martha's voice guide you to the other side. (Released on 8th March 2024).

HAIVEN - Circles on the Calendar

' a breathe of feel-good energy and nostalgia'

📍Liverpool, UK/Michigan, USA


For anyone craving a fresh perspective of navigating your twenties in a bubbly pop wrapping, look no further than Michigan-raised, Liverpool-based HAIVEN and her latest single 'Circles on the Calendar' - a breathe of feel-good energy and nostalgia packed into less than 3 minutes of snappy melodies and playful synths. Co-written with fellow songwriter Harry Paynter, the talented pair reflect on the simple joys of teenage years before the reality-check of their twenties take over, the track's 00s influence oozing out of every element with welcome arms. An appreciation to the friendships that helped guide you through difficult times, HAIVEN's authentic approach makes you feel like you're having a reunion with a long-lost best friend when listening; her journalistic lyricism and anthemic chorus melody putting this track right between the sticker-filled scrapbook pages of your coming-of-age years. As the third release from the artist, it's clear that HAIVEN has found her sound within the pop-osphere, and has no signs of stopping. (Released 8th March 2024).

Sage Your Brain - Realise

'admiringly authentic'

📍Liverpool, UK


Combing their love for alt-folk and indie-pop, Liverpool-based trio Sage Your Brain are back with their third single this week, entitled 'Realise'. With sun-soaked melodies and perfectly blended harmonies holding the focus of this high spirited track, it's the perfect soundtrack for these early-spring mornings - complete with chord progressions that melt the cold away with their complexity. The dancing bass line and feel-good chug of the acoustic strumming pattern bring out a lighter side to the band's discography, exploring the theme of those dreams that you don't want to wake up from, and the infatuation feeling that comes with. Everything from the raw lyricism to the clean-cut production highlights the admiringly authentic approach that the trio bring to their music, years of crafting ideas together put at the forefront in 'Realise'. (Released 8th March 2024).


You can find these tracks, amongst hundreds of others, over on our Local & Live Media Playlists - where new tracks get added DAILY into our handpicked collections of tunes. Head over there now to join in the fun!

Review No. 61

by Meg Shaw, Local & Live Media

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