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62: Four-track masterpiece in 30 CENTURY MAN's debut EP...

For those of you who are constantly on the hunt for mind-expanding new music discoveries, we may have just found your true calling. Let us introduce you to 30 Century Man, the solo musical endeavours of multi-instrumentalist, producer and composer George Smith, and his self-titled debut EP that came out earlier this month. Born out of blending genres and impressive production qualities, this four-track collection of tracks is on repeat in the Local & Live Media household, and it'll soon be a staple in all your playlists. Let's explore this body of work, track by track, in it's full glory...


Track One: 'Desire'

An explosive first track, and in fact the second single in the EP campaign, 'Desire' is a gritty alt-rock reflection on the world's happenings: packed with heavy guitar riffs, angsty vocals and an existentialistic drive to it's exterior. With a mesmerising front vocal, and a bed of dreamy harmony wrapped tightly around it, you're in safe hands with 30 Century Man's opening number, whilst the ever-evolving wave of instrumentals takes you to every corner of his tightly-tuned sonic palette of distortion, shimmer and groove. From the subtle beginnings pocketed in the face-melting riff to the soundscape of drenched reverb and booming drums, this introduction to the EP is grand and maximalist; leaving you with endless expectations and hope for the rest of the record.

Track Two: 'Ten Years'

After the huge sounds of 'Desire', George swaps out the stadium-esque drums and gutsy electric guitars for brain-itching drum machines and a comforting dampened piano in the second track of the EP, 'Ten Years'. The laid back 6/8 shuffle is a refreshing feeling, accentuated to its highest potential with a transporting bass line and intricate rhythm section as a whole, whilst the soulful vocal melody darts freely between the gaps in the lilting groove organically. A timeless sound with a modern-day production, 'Ten Years' leaves you full of melancholy nostalgia, oozing wandering thoughts and yearning regrets.

Track Three: 'Smile'

Beautifully lo-fi in its exterior, and with an ever-honest interior, 'Smile' is your late Sunday morning soundtrack on a do-nothing day. Pining vocals and a luscious string arrangement put this track in your classics playlist, sitting perfectly between Scott Walker and Commodores with finely crafted lyrics and a charming arrangement. Gradually growing into a warming hug from a friendly face, 'Smile' is placed perfectly as the third track in this EP to offer a moment of appreciation and breathe, before building to the wall of sound we know and love from 30 Century Man's work from the transportive bridge section to the final moments.

Track Four: '6thing'

From being captivated by the endearing middle tracks, '6thing' reminds us of the experimental side of the artist's work - an infinity of synths and sounds working together to create new ideas and feelings in the final track of the EP. With a driving drum beat and moving syncopation in the bass line, you're pushed and pulled into different worlds of George's audible inventions for the duration of this track - the constant spiralling vocals putting you into a dreamlike state of wonder and amazement as you transcend between glimmering synth clouds and echoing black holes. It's clear from this final track, and EP as a whole, That the artist lives and breathes everything music: his cellist and guitarist upbringing, thorough mixing capabilities and creatively crafted composition perspectives leaving us fully fed on moments of contrasting textures and well-defined imagery throughout all his work.


30 Century Man sound like your cup of tea? Catch the debut EP in full down below, and be sure to keep up to date with all their happenings over on @30centurymanmusic on the socials!

Review No. 62

by Meg Shaw, Local & Live Media

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