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After a record number of track submissions over the past few weeks, we've had a lot of fun listening to all the new releases that've been sent our way. To start your week off on a high, here's four recommendations for all your music discovery needs! Let us introduce you to Naomi Campbell, Misao McGregor, Marcus Bailey and Patch Murphy:


Naomi Campbell - Tuesday's News

'the heel-tapping whiskey drinking is swapped for longing gazes and soaring vocals in this solo expedition'

📍Liverpool, UK


Drawing us in with spellbinding guitar ripples and a shimmer of synths, Naomi Campbell proves that she is a songwriter of many talents in her debut solo single 'Tuesday's News', released earlier this week. After crafting americana goodness over at Motel Sundown, Naomi zooms in on her captivating individual sound after testing the waters in UK, Nashville and Memphis live shows last year, and with exciting plans on the horizon, there's no better time to hop on the Naomi fan bus than now. Woven around complex harmony and pondering lyricism, the heel-tapping whiskey drinking is swapped for longing gazes and soaring vocals in this solo expedition: years of experience and creativity packed tightly into this timeless folk track inspired by the west coast sounds of Laurel Canyon's work. Inspired by a story on the news whilst back at home, this ever-evolving ballad spirals around hopeless cries and reflections on the world - wisps of guitar countermelody warmth and magical soundscapes transporting you through the thoughts and wonders of Naomi Campbell's outlook on life. (Released 15th March 2024).

Misao McGregor - meet me at the river

'each turn of a bend offering up a fresh new perspective of Misao's ethereal sound'


Rhythmically dense and delicately placed within the indie-pop-folk phenomenon that's becoming more beloved by the minute, Misao McGregor's latest release 'meet me at the river' is an enchanting addition to our Mellow Bops playlist this week. Endless layers of harmony, contrasting soundscapes of old and new, and a captivating vocal performance are just a few breathtaking elements of this track, each turn of a bend offering up a fresh new perspective of Misao's ethereal sound. Lapping piano arrangements and an intricate ticking of a drum machine guide you through this constant flow of melodic ideas and symphonic terrains, leaving you in safe hands knowing that the glistening production is executed effortlessly and professionally. With a spine-chilling peak of emotion and a gush of harmony in the bridge, let Misao take you through a course of sentiment in 'meet me at the river'. (22nd February 2024).

Marcus Bailey - In The End

'every corner of the track handled with care and intricacy'

📍Chicago, USA


With a timeless 6/8 feel and heart-melting lyricism throughout, 'In The End' is a beautiful pop ballad from Chicago-based Marcus Bailey that you need to wrap your arms (and ears!) around this Spring. Angelic backing vocals, earthy bass lines and a soulful lead vocal build the foundations of this late-February track from the singer/songwriter, and all points from the subtle verses to yearning pre-choruses build into a final chorus of instrument stabs and complex chordal changes that put this ballad miles ahead of all that come before it. With an extensive background in arranging and songwriting, both of these are highlighted gorgeously within 'In The End', every corner of the track handled with care and intricacy from the artist. A chorus that's imprinted on your heart after just one listen, this latest release is unapologetically pop, and effortlessly crafted together with infatuation and romance on the mind. (Released 23rd February 2024).

Patch Murphy - What Love Can Do

📍West End, Australia

To complete our hand-picked list of Mellow Bops for your mid-March acoustic cravings, Patch Murphy offers us 7 tracks of folk goodness in his latest album 'What Love Can Do' - a journey of emotion and journalistic thoughts scribbled on a tea-stained canvas of warming colours and layers of wisdom. From the ever delicate 'Those Ways', earthy grit of 'Maybe I'm Not Over It' and pondering title track 'What Love Can Do' to end the collection, Patch takes you through every passing moment in a single rotation of the sun, intricate guitar arrangements and dreamy vocals becoming a friendly and familiar face after just one listen through the album. After a life of wandering the world, years of fine-tuned craft and exploring the world are heard through the rough around the edges, effortlessly raw approach to each of the record's songs - if you're needing a moment to appreciate the smaller things in life, find your soundtrack in 'What Love Can Do' this Spring. (Released 1st January 2024).


Four tracks all hand-picked from yours truly for you to indulge in this week... you're welcome. AND if you're craving more, check out our Local & Live Media Playlists for more music goodness.

Review No. 64

by Meg Shaw, Local & Live Media

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