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With three 'Fresh Finds' additions, and a 'Mellow Bop' track thrown in for good measure, we've got you sorted for tracks to indulge in to get you through to the weekend. With an EP from Aleutians, and brand new singles from Cherry Seraph, Midnight Curfew and Vienna, let's dive right in!


Cherry Seraph - lucky cigarette

'drown yourself in the hazy spirals of outer-world synths and mesmerising vocals'

📍Bradford, UK


If you're in need of a heavy dose of dreamy bedroom-pop, drown yourself in the hazy spirals of outer-world synths and mesmerising vocals in Cherry Seraph's latest release 'lucky cigarette', released in February. With a gritty rhythm section grounding the panorama of sound, and shimmering echoes soaring across the mix, the Bradford-based artist plays uses duality and appreciation for multiple genres to create a brand new blend of wrapped textures and terrains. Carrying on from her former 2023 release 'watch you blur', this captivating single explores the idea of allowing things to run it's course, accepting the weird and wonderful experiences of the world as they happen - and with an intricately crafted soundtrack behind the in-depth imagery in the lyricism, this theme oozes out of every aspect of the alt-pop track with clarity and focus. After having caught the eyes of Sofar Sounds and BBC Introducing amongst many live performances, it's clear that Cherry Seraph is far from being done, and with exciting plans for this year, now is the perfect time to fall into the trance of her immersive sound. (Released 16th February 2024).

Midnight Curfew - Stay Late

'an anthem for empty hearts'

📍Liverpool, UK


Capturing the inevitable heartache from a slowly declining relationship, Midnight Curfew paint scenes of strobe-lit nightclubs and sore Sunday morning heads in explosive new single 'Stay Late'. Packed with early adolescent angst and solidarity to a dejected generation, the indie-pop Liverpool quartet craft an anthem for empty hearts through their yearning vocals and silky distortion in this mid-March release, with a blend of influence and genre joining forces to create a fresh sound oozing personality and relatability. Despite the grey subject at hand, the band refuse to perform in monochrome with bursts of energy and colour throughout: a driving force mixed to perfection. Impossible to not bop your head when listening, accept the inescapable groove that has the power to fill sun-soaked festival fields and Red-Stripe-splattered dance-floors in Midnight Curfew's third single, which has earned it's worthy place at the top of our 'Fresh Finds' playlist this week. (Released 12th March 2024).

Vienna - Stare Into the Sky

'an intricate array of sonic sweet-spots wrapped in indie-rock grit'

📍Birmingham, UK


Bubbling away in the Midlands indie scene, midwest emo band 'Vienna' released their sophomore single last month, and in the safe hands of Jake Checkaway (production), are set for an escalating 2024 ahead. Encapsulating the momentous drive seen live by the Birmingham-based group, this upbeat headbanger of a track plays with contrasting grooves and shimmery guitar tones to craft an intricate array of sonic sweet-spots, wrapped around an indie-rock grit that's synonymous to the grassroots venues they frequent. A hymn for the hopeless youth, 'Vienna' is packed with apocalyptic lyricism and a mammoth wall of sound towards the latter half of the track, allowing euphoria to flow out of it's soaring melodies and propelling rhythm section, whilst the eminent horn swells remind us that Vienna are no stranger to morphing genres to broaden their ever-growing sonic palette. (Released 9th February 2024).

Aleutians - This is all we need

'a soundtrack to your favourite VHS indie film'

📍New Brighton, UK


With five tracks packed with DIY indie-pop, Wirral-based Aleutians released their EP this week, entitled 'This is all we need'. From the explosive opener of 'A heathen!', to the ever-poignant 'Welcome Home' and delicate 'The sunshine comes with you' to round up the record, this nostalgic collection of songs takes you through life's regrets, old memories and fatherhood with shimmery guitar lines and vulnerable lyricism. A soundtrack to your favourite VHS indie film, uplifting melodies and intricate arrangements take you through tales of simpler times, the band's undeniable capabilities to pull at your heart strings woven through each of the five tracks. Wistful yet well-grounded, let Aleutians' discography remind you of those times that are fading from memory. (Released 18th March 2024).


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Review No. 66

by Meg Shaw, Local & Live Media

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