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From the delicate side of Lauren White, to the explosive LARO and gritty Byrony Williams and daisychain, every corner of the pop genre is explored in this post: you're welcome. Folk-pop, indie-pop, pop-pop, you name it! Let's get stuck in...


Lauren White - Your Loss

'an optimistic ray of new beginnings'

📍Belfast, UK


Beautifully blending traditional folk composition with emotionally driven pop melodies, Lauren White's latest single 'Your Loss' reflects on the deepest memories of past relationships and the act of healing after inner turbulence. Words straight from the Belfast-based artist's journal wrapped in infectiously catchy melodies, a bed of strings and endless harmonies soften the fall out of love with that certain someone, whilst the lyrics seek comfort from close-knit friends and self-love in a wave of hope. Having caught our attention with previous singles 'Tell Me If You Love Me' and 'boxes.', Lauren's introverted songwriting capabilities open new doors to her perspective on life with each release, this most recent addition oozing vulnerability and honesty through it's intimate vocal performance and nostalgic instrumental arrangements. From the intricate bass line to the warmth in the acoustic guitar, each element of this folk-pop track work harmoniously together to bring a sense of reassurance and recovery - bringing an optimistic ray of new beginnings perfect for the Spring months ahead. (Released 22nd March 2024).

daisychain - Stay

'unapologetically adolescent and undeniably raw'


As far as debut singles go, you can't get much better than Salford-based daisychain's release 'Stay', brought to us earlier this week. With each of the band member's influence offered up in a wave of indie-rock, jangly guitar riffs and visceral bass lines join together in full force, wrapped in a gritty presence and shimmery indie-pop production. Born from childhood friends Lissy and Joe, daisychain's sound is packed with nostalgia and years of jamming together oozing out of each groove and inflection: unapologetically adolescent and undeniably raw. Reflecting on hopeless romance and glimpses of hope, years of drowning in the likes of Joni Mitchell give this track beautifully introspective lyricism, whilst the Smiths-esque band composition adds sonic depth and alternative countermelodies to latch onto. For bursts of distortion and the feeling of losing yourself within music, find your new favourite track in daisychain's debut single 'Stay'. (Released 22nd March 2024).

LARO - He'll Never Listen

'full of belt and bite'

📍Liverpool, UK


Growing up on a diet of Maisie Peters, Taylor Swift and Bellah Mae, it's no wonder that pop wonder LARO is full of belt and bite in her work, and latest single 'He'll Never Listen' is a perfect example for those who've yet to discover the attitude-packed sounds of the Liverpool-based artist. Built around a face-melting guitar riff that holds enough distortion to wake your inner diva, past heartbreak and toxic masculinity drives the self-love mantras of this tracks' lyricism, offering up an older sister to blurt all your problems to in LARO's infectious personality that glares out the speakers when listening. An anthem for the modern-day girlboss, 'He'll Never Listen' is packed with confidence and optimism after getting rid of someone that holds you back, a boot-stomping groove and playful array of synths broadening the ever-intricate wall of sound behind LARO's power vocals. Energetic telephone chatter and hand claps make this track the perfect soundtrack to your favourite 00s coming of age rom-com, whilst the lipstick-stained seal of approval on the production brings this track right into the moment of today's pop resurgence. (Released 22nd March 2024).

Bryony Williams - Trip Me Up

📍Birmingham, UK


If you could sum up the alt-indie-pop genre in one song, Bryony William's latest release 'Trip Me Up' would be your answer. Driving bass lines, energetic rhythmic intricacy, a punk-esque vocal delivery and a huge array of synths and sounds make up this explosive track from the Birmingham-based artist, holding enough momentum and attitude to make you to stop in your tracks to quickly add it to all your sun-soaked playlists this spring (which we've done... check out our Fresh Finds Playlist to see the single in it's full glory). Her first venture into new releases since her 2020 EP 'State I'm In', Bryony's new sound lands on two feet right into the indie-pop resurgence that we've found ourselves in over the past few years: the likes of The Big Moon, Marika Hackman and Courney Barnett being big influences of the artist's work. Already a staple part of the Midlands music scene, Bryony is loved for bridging the gap between genres and offering up fresh perspective through a queer lens in her work, 'Trip Me Up' being a true example of this when reclaiming the narrative of old-school prom scenes and young love in her heart-on-sleeve lyricism. Released on the leap day of 2024, we are so glad this track could make it's worthy appearance, and is a welcome addition to our 2024 radars. (Released 29th February 2024).


Four brilliant tracks to get you through the weekend, what more could you possibly want! And if you're still craving more, head over to our Local & Live Media Playlists to feed that hunger for great music...

Review No. 68

by Meg Shaw, Local & Live Media

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