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7: 'FALLING APART AT THE SEAMS', a hugely promising debut EP from IMMI DASH...

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Having released some brilliant singles and collaborations in the past, I was very excited when I saw that Immi Dash had released an EP earlier this week. ‘Falling Apart at the Seams’, released on 20th October, is the perfect combination of everything Immi does best; a flawless blend of RnB and pop, with effortless vocals and an impressive production quality. Hailing from Stroud, and finding her place within the Liverpool music scene over more recent years, Immi has caught the eyes of BBC introducing with the lead track of this EP, as well as previously catching the attention of Glastonbury’s Emerging Talent and Reflector Magazine. Now it’s Local & Live’s turn to shed some spotlight on this promising talent: going track-by-track on her latest…


‘Overkill’ - moody, atmospheric, euphoric

Starting off the EP with instant attitude and an underlying energy, ‘Overkill’ sets the tone for the rest of the EP perfectly. With atmospheric production complimenting the upfront vocals, you’re taken into Immi’s world straight away with spiralling lyrics and dark synths. If Billie Eilish and Lizzy McAlpine collabed together to right an RnB/pop hybrid track, this would be it, with the vocal effects and throwaway falsetto melodies soaring over the mix. For moody evening walks with nothing but headphones and nowhere to go, this track is your new best friend.

‘Final Scene’ - dark, honest, dramatic

Transitioning smoothly into the second track of the EP, ‘final scene’ dives further into Immi’s artistry and writing capabilities in this just shy of 3 minute track. Referencing classic RnB grooves and instrumentation, with Immi’s signature vocals and added warm strings, this track would fit right into any moody soundtrack, nestled between the likes of Jorja Smith, H.E.R. and SZA. Exploring the idea of letting someone go and drawing a line under past lives, ‘Final Scene’ is lyrically relatable for all, and you’ll be singing along by the time the final chorus comes around.

‘Jaded’ - full of attitude, haunting, rhythmical

String stabs and haunting vocal stacks hit you straight away in the third track, ‘Jaded’, lifting the overall tempo of the EP and allowing you to let yourself go as you listen. With a gritty bass line and glistening synths to contrast, this track really shows off the capabilities of the artist. Rhythmically intricate, with melting vocal lines bringing everything together, this is a contender for one of my favourite tracks of the EP.

‘Reckless’ - light, nostalgic, heartfelt

Exploring the lighter side to Immi’s discography, ‘Reckless’ is a staple for all your late summer evening jams. With a ridiculously catchy chorus, and classic soul-infused harmonic structure, you can’t not dance along to this track. With elements of 90s RnB, and a modern day vocal production, the thing that really catches my ear is the dark breakdown, reminding you of the rest of the EP and really tying all the tracks together seamlessly.

‘When I’m Lonely’ - raw, emotional, timeless

Signing off the EP with this gorgeous ballad, ‘When I’m Lonely’ is the perfect call for help that oozes harmonies and rawness, before hitting you with a groove that makes your face melt. This track shows off the extent of all factors that feature throughout the EP: the production is faultless, the vocals hit you in the heart, and the arrangement is crafted to emphasise these even more. Everything from the sparse opening, to the sudden ending, leaves you reflecting on the journey you’ve been taken through on this 5 track EP.

From heartbreak, to falling in love, to personal struggles, you’ll find your answer in 'Falling Apart at the Seams', and it's a hugely promising debut EP from Immi Dash.

by Meg Shaw, Local & Live Media

Review No. 7

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