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In need of an escape from the crazy world we live in? Find comfort in these four tracks: handpicked from us here at Local & Live and heading straight into our Mellow Bops playlist...


Ota Brown - Overwhelmed

'hits all the right notes once again'

📍Liverpool, UK

🔊Mellow Bops Playlist🔊

After hypnotising us with debut release 'Daydream' in March, jazz-RnB virtuoso Ota Brown hits all the right notes once again in the sophomore single 'Overwhelmed', released last week. With an effortlessly laid-back groove and comforting neo-soul harmony, the Liverpool-based artist takes us through the vulnerabilities of facing your own feelings whilst offering up a wave of sonic goodness from beginning to end: the stylistic guitar ripples and earthy bass line putting this track right between old school Amy Winehouse and the ever-wistful Jorja Smith. With just two releases out in the universe, Ota's world of genre-blending sounds has captured the attention of everyone who has the pleasure of seeing her perform live, quickly becoming a staple name in the upcoming Liverpool RnB scene. The hazy-head cousin of the ever-sunny 'Daydream', every release from the high-esteemed songwriter chips away at another corner of her heart, and we are eager as ever for her debut EP to land on Friday 3rd May. (Released 25th April 2024).

Molly Green - Solitude

'Solitude' encompasses everything that made us fall in love with Molly's sound in the first place'

📍Bristol, UK

🔊Mellow Bops Playlist🔊

As Molly Green listeners for years now, the Bristol-based jazz-soul artist's latest single 'Solitude' encompasses everything that made us fall in love with her sound in the first place: the ever-dreamy melodies floating over gorgeously complex harmony to make this track the perfect addition to our Mellow Bops playlist. Molly's timeless vocals hold enough power to whisk us back to the old-school jazz bars and glistening spotlit corner-stages we dream about in this April release, in complete contrast to the earthy 'She is Mighty' earlier this year. Lyrically, the songwriter once again crafts empowering mantras and beautiful imagery in a way that puts her wisdom decades ahead of everyone else, making this track the perfect feel-good track for those slow sun-soaked mornings. Versatility and musicality oozing through the veins of the piece, 'Solitude' is a different experience each time you listen; focus shifting from the rippling keys to the intricacies in the percussion in a pool of detail throughout, making this one of our favourites from Molly Green yet. (Released 24th April 2024).

James Jackson - Another Song About Me

'beautifully heart-wrenching and painfully relatable'

📍Liverpool, UK

🔊Mellow Bops Playlist🔊

Beautifully heart-wrenching and painfully relatable, rising indie-folk artist James Jackson has blessed us with yet another poignant track this spring, entitled 'Another Song About Me'. With the undeniable skill of captivating anyone that stumbles across their music, the Liverpool-based songwriter proves they've got plenty more emotionally-fuelled masterpieces under their pen-smudged sleeve with this unapologetically humble track: yearning vocals and an intricate acoustic guitar comfort blanket wrapping you in spine-tingling waves of harmony and memories of past heartbreaks from the moment you hit play. Effortlessly transforming feelings of numbness into a tangible journal of ripped pages and a rosé-stained cover, James takes us through the hopelessness of navigating love, whilst keeping true to their charming sound that's caught everyone's hearts in the past. From the ever-delicate opening verse, to the burst of overflowing emotion in the latter half, experience every corner of heartache and sentiment in this enchanting track. (Released 19th April 2024).

Richie Paisley - All The Little Things EP

'a collection of love letters'

📍Liverpool, UK

🔊Mellow Bops Playlist🔊

To complete our Mellow Bops additions for the week, we couldn't miss out on the ever-charming, acoustic-focussed debut EP from Liverpool-based Richie Paisley. A homage to early romance and all the feelings that spiral as you fall for someone, 'All The Little Things' is beautifully sentimental - from the endearing 'Coffee Man' through to the delicate waves of 'A Lifetime Is Too Short'. As far as debut EPs go, this particular collection of love letters bind together to form a ready-made present tied in a bow to deliver to that special someone in your life (you can thank Richie for that one!), whilst the chorus melody of 'I Love The Way' imprints on your heart from first listen, no need for bows and wrapping. Introspective and honest, the lyrics stand at the forefront of each track, whilst the surrounding soundscape offers a warm hug of warm acoustic guitar and subtle vocal harmony. For freeze-frame moments in time, relive all your favourite fuzzy past memories in Richie's EP. (Released 19th April 2024).


Our Mellow Bops playlist is becoming a crowd favourite amongst our Local & Live family... get to know the collection inside out by clicking on the playlist below:

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by Meg Shaw, Local & Live Media

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